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Monday, February 15, 2016

Juliette by Anita Claire---A Review


Meet Juliette Cole, she’s just arrived back to Silicon Valley after three heartbreaking months following her grad school love to London. Moving in with childhood friend turned blond bombshell she gets introduced to Cassie’s crazy over the top lifestyle. Taking a job at a Silicon Valley startup she learns that work is more than just hoodies and free gourmet food. Thankfully she has The Princesses, her close group of girlfriends from college who all went as princesses to a Halloween party their freshman year. 

They don’t call San Jose- Man Jose for nothing. Juliette’s heart is not lonely for long. Swimming before work she sees a guy with the most amazing six pack get out of the pool. Now she has a new quest – to meet him. While playing soccer she gets knocked out by an opposing player. The player’s hot doctor brother helps her to the sidelines then starts texting her. As things start heating up in Juliette’s personal life she now has two guys vying for her attention. Who will it be sexy swimmer Zach or hot Dr. Nate? 


Juliette began as a three part book, but when I was asked to read and review it, the three books were combined as one.    It was a lengthy read at 514 pages.   Chapters were short and it is definitely a new adult romance read.   Sex scenes are definitely explicit, so beware.....not for teens or children.

Anita Claire has a fun story to share with readers and it all begins with Juliette.   She has built some very strong characters in this first book--young women who met in college, partied as princesses and have joined the adult world.   Juliette is an engineer, working in a man's world with all the encompassing problems of being the new kid on the block.   But she knows who she is and what she wants in a relationship and she is searching for it...diligently.

I liked the premise of the story and I enjoyed meeting the main character Juliette.   I liked her relationship with her parents, her friends, and I liked how she was able to be direct and honest with her roommate, Cassie.  I found her appetite for the male species to be a bit extreme, but there are a lot of individuals in this same status in real life.

I rated the book a 3 wink read.

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a copy of this book from the author or their representative in exchange for an honest review.

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