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Saturday, March 5, 2016

FEBRUARY Reading Recap

Happy March my friends!  It has been a long February with those 29 days and my plans for reading just really suffered due to this cancer thing I have been drawn into.    Somehow, doctor appointments to hurry up and wait, steal the time I have to read and create away and there isn't so much time to read...nor the incentive to review and blog.    Lately it has become a mental challenge for me to get much of anything productive done.

In February I did indeed finish five books.   The first four were romance stories.   Shauna Allen's book REV and Kathy Ivan's IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS, are yet to be reviewed and posted.

Angela Ford, Jackie Marilla, and Lauren Marie, were a lot of fun to read but all had some pretty explicit sexual pages.   Still, they were enjoyable.

The fifth book I read in February was quite disappointing to me--NEVER NEVER Part III by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher.    Basically a paranormal wrap up to this three book series by this pair of authors, it was short and should have been compiled into one book.


Hopefully, March will be a better reading month, although I will be starting chemo on St Patrick's Day and the doc thinks that will kill about four days of the month for me.    So time will tell, as it does in all things!

If anyone prays, please pray for strength as I undergo chemo.   No one wants to entertain a cure that seems worse than the disease itself, but it is what it is, and I will need God's help to do this.   I thank you in advance!

God Bless and keep those beautiful eyes reading.   I'll try to also!

Miss Beth! 

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