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Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I Read in AUGUST

Happy Labor Day WeekEnd!  To all who have ever worked and/or continue to do so, thank you for contributing to our fair country's economy!!   I no longer am included in that elite group, but I try to do my part with "purchase power", in other words spending my money on prudent book purchases,crafty investments and  investments in the grand kids.    Oh yes and expensive car repairs are one of my main ventures these days!   Ta Da!

OK, let's review what I read this month.   It was a fabulous reading month let me say.
I included romance, sci-fi, haunting mystery thrillers, christmas themes and Christmas-Christian genres.  

Love Me If You Dare and Home to Whiskey Creek were the romance reads which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mantinicus and Reese's Leap were my mystery thrillers and I found them very entertaining.   Mantinicus had such a shocking surprise ending and left my head spinning!   Iwas looking for the surprise ending in Reese's leap and I think that expectation let me down a little, but it was a daunting read, nonetheless.

And then there was Treasure Among the Shadows, also quite the mystery-thriller, with a touch of romance.  Greed and adventure and some sad losses for misplaced values.

My almost first adventure into Sci-Fi and I liked it!!   Ok, maybe it was my second or third venture this way.  My review will be posted on September third for this action packed adventure.  I understand there will be many m,ore adventures for Tanis Richards and who knows, we may try to keep up with her!

Now these are Christmas reads, by the reigning queen of Christmas tells.   I love her warm telling of Christmas holidays and romance!   I was not disappointed with either book!

And last, I had wanted to read The Christmas Star for quite some time and so glad I was able to get to it this month.   Ace tells a story of a teen age boy, disillusioned by Christmas and past events.   I learned a lot about the events and history of Christmas which led to the traditions we observe today and about a fathers love for his son and the values he taught his son, even though he was not there to polish the boys' education in the flesh.   This was truly an awesome read for me even though for some, I realize the included scripture  may not be endearing.

Like I say, I had a great month reading and enjoying the last throes of summer.   I even met my cousin's daughter from Arizona and her hubby.   That was the frosting to August!    We also celebrated birthdays and our 35th anniversary.   Yep, no turning back at this point!

 Have a wonderful September Peeps!   Keep your eyes healthy and spend some free time with a good book!   You won't regret it!

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