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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Reading Recap

September was a wild ride through books!  I experienced a wide range of emotions as I read...Some were serious and somber, some were heavy and a bit frightening and others were light hearted, romantic and just fun and relaxing.

I read a short story by Shauna Allen written for her street team called Nate and the Angel which was a fun story her team contributed to.

In addition to that, I read an ARC of Lines in the Sand, another short story by S C Montgomery, which will be released in October, with my review.

Ethan Cross's, Father of Fear was gruelling and a definite psychological thriller.   Stacy Green's, All Good Deeds was an edgy and twisted vigilante justice story.

T A Pack's The Artsy Girl in Bronze was a coming of age tale that held many life lessons for the protagonist and friends.

And Jen Minkman spun a fabulous fantasy about the life in between the living and the dead, in The Space In Between.

Sweet romance as told by Nancy Naigle and Katie Mettner in Sweet Tea and Secrets and Granted Redemption, respectively.

In August I saw thee movie of If I Stay with my daughter.   It was a good movie and so I wanted to read the book....My review will post in November.     Bette Lee Crosby's Cracks in the Sidewalk was the darkest read I have read of her work, but it ended on a high note and it was a thoughtful read, sure to provoke one to think.

And last but not least, are the Christmas stories I read this month, with reviews to be posted in December.   I love, love, love Christmas stories and I love to fill my blog in December with my Christmas story reviews.

was a great reading month and so enjoyable.
I have also accepted a reading challenge from my Grandson, Noah,
for the month of November.   We will be reading the Lord of the Rings
together, but at the moment he is 200 pages ahead of me!
I love to encourage youngsters and teenagers to read...so wish me luck!

Happy Reading Peeps!

Miss Beth

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