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Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Reading Recap

January truly seemed like a good reading month for me.   Although I didn't read much volume wise, I read what I truly enjoyed.

Starting off with two wildly romantic reads, I read All Lined Up by Cora Carmack which was just brilliant.   Love found in college...she the coaches daughter and he the coaches replacement QuarterBack....sizzled!

The second love story, Crank by Shauna Allen, was a second in the Jack Em Up Series.   In this edition we caught up with Blake and Delilah Travers, who had experienced ten years of misunderstood love and horrendous  soul splitting losses.   Was their struggle going to prove once and for all that love can conquer all?   Or was it an epic fail?

Look at Crank's cover!!   Awesome Sauce!!

I had won a copy of Janet Nash's Powerless Consent.   It's an inspirational romantic suspense novel and was just yummy!   And for my peace of mind, it was a clean story leaving the reader to use their imagination for the more intimate scenes.

Stacy Green made an appearance in my January Reading with See Them Run...a suspense mystery novel about Child traffiking....I developed a love /hate relationship with the subject matter for this book.

Also returning was Steven Manchester with Gooseberry Island.    This was an American Veteran story about the PTSD brought home with our boys in blue.    A Very heart wrenching and touching story, sure to resurrect the patriot in each of us.

I got caught up in all the hype about Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher.    I would classify Never Never as suspense.   It was certainly an odd story which leaves a reader only wanting more and more answers, so I am anxious for Never Never II!!    It is a must have!!

Wandering In Exile by Peter Murphy was book 2 in the Life and Times Trilogy.    This was the story of an Irish lad who made some major errors in his life's path with the choice of abusing alcohol as a crutch along the way.

And Jen Minkman's Firefly was the first Christmas Dystopian to be read for 2015's 25 days of Christmas blog.   It is short and sweet and touching.

So I enjoyed January as it slipped away into the flow of eternity.    I enjoyed the books I read and the time spent reviewing and revisiting them.

How was your January reading, if I may ask.    I can't even tell you which book I enjoyed most; they were distinct and different and each has a place in my heart.     What book touched you most in January?

Keep those eyes open and reading my friends.    You just may find yourself on a breathtaking journey!

Til next month--

Miss Beth


Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...

You read some really great-looking books in January, Beth, and I totally agree about the cover of Crank *grins*

Like you, I'm impatiently waiting for Never Never II! I really need to know what will happen next.

Have a fantastic Sunday, a great week, and happy reading.

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

Unknown said...

So good to hear from you Lexie....so many great books out there....my eyes and wish list are ever growing!