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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Horses Never Lie About Love

This is based on a true story or I would say a biography of a horse farm, written by Jana Harris. What an awesome book. Of course anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about horses. One of God's most graceful creatures and they ever so beautiful. I could have written this book, except I am sure my horses and ponies never cost what Jana Harris's did, and we allowed nature to do it's calling on the farm, with no thought to a birthing kit or having to be present when the mother foaled. As they were much more dependent upon veterinary care, I even learned a lot from this reading.

There were many people who came in and out of their lives due to their desire to have a horse farm. And there were equally a lot of horses to come in and out of their lives...each with their own peculiar quirks and "jobs" to do. The main horse, referred to as an Anchor mare, was True Colors, still alive at the time of the writing. I found the book hard to get away from, and I could relate to how she felt about her horses and when it came time to part with them. Once you get into the breeding and foaling, it is like parting with family and very difficult to do.

True Colors was a one of a kind mare, referred to as not needing a human to care for her. However as the years passed, as they always do, she became the horse that the humans needed
as much as the herd she pastured with. I loved this book!

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