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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Reading Recap

June is now a memory...and Iowans are headed for a lot warmer weather.   I am not a summer girl anymore....I have learned I could die in the hot, humid sunlight of summer.    And, I am not ready to go there yet.

So in June I surrounded myself with three Christmas romance stories.  These reviews will be posted in December's 25 days of Christmas.   I enjoyed chillin with these Christmas reads.

I also finished Jen Minkman's trilogy, The Island series, by reading The Deep.  This was a very unique and interesting series.

I also read Mystery Rises by Marilyn Phillips.   This is a paranormal love story and I so love the hero, Shadow.    What a heart throb!

As a special treat to me, Janet Evanovich realeased Top Secret Twenty-one and Sarah Jio released Good Night June in June, so I read both of those books as well.   Good Night June was blogged during June and Takedown Twenty-One will be blogged during July.   Both authors grace my favorite author list as does...

Colleen Hoover.   I couldn't resist
the first and third in the Slammed series.    Oh such good stories and a new favorite author!

Another favoirte author is Shauna Allen and I got ahold of Cupid's Last Stand, the last in her Cupid's Chronicles Series.   I really hate to see that series come to a close!

I was asked to read and review the second in the Hollis Morgan mystery series, Sticks & Stones by R Franklin James.
Listening to A Life Redefined, was my first opportunity to review an audio book.  Although it was different for me, I also realized what a tech tard I really am.  I could barely hear it on my kindle and once I had completed the book, my don-in-law showed me where my volume control was.....BIG DUHHHHH!

More Than a Cowboy was a fun little Christian based story.

The Qualities of Wood was a uniquely written mystery and well worth the read.

June's grand total was 14 books.    Wish I could read that many every month and I would be able to meet my goal of 150 books this year, easily.   My goal for July is to read from my Kindle TBR pile.    I only have 323 titles to select from!
Wish me luck!!

Miss Beth

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