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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Age of the Aura: Phase 1 Champions of Power by Samuel Odunis Jr/ Review

Good Morning Peeps!   We had temps up to 73 degrees yesterday and it was beautiful and sunny; absolutely perfect! 

It was too nice a day to spend inside reading, so my night was spent with Samuel Odunis Jr's Age of the Aura, Phase 1:  Champions of Power. 

This is the synopsis from Goodreads:

 The Blessed Galaxy has no other name. After being gifted with the Auras—five great powerhouses of celestial creation—the title was a suitable fit. For millennia, the governing bodies have ruled their respective reaches of the Galaxy while harnessing the might of the Auras. But now they face the threat of a calamity, from an unlikely source, that could shake the lives of all.

Lowen Sars, a devout man of science, decides to take on the burden of saving the Galaxy’s people once he learns of the calamity. But he soon realizes that the role of a hero was a calling not meant for him, even with his sudden promotion. In his process of self-discovery, Lowen begins the fateful saga of not only the Blessed Galaxy, but also the kingdom in possession of the corrupt Aura.

My Review:

This is definitely a Science Fiction read and really quite impressive.   Although it is a short read at 137 pages, there is a lot of world building and definition set forth in this first edition.   The characters are well defined and we learn that life as they know it will cease to exist in a matter of three years.   Lowen Sars sets out to defy his own council after they shut him down in his efforts to save the people from the inevitable, but he enlists the aide of the ruthless Rodassians who have a secret agenda of their own.

The book is written in alternative chapters....one from Lowen's home planet, the next from the planet whose aura is being stolen.   It was indeed an interesting concept and I enjoyed the read, although science fiction is not usually my thing.   I have many questions left in my mind's eye and look forward to Mr Odunis's continued labor of love!

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Ice Blue by Susan Rae/ a RABT VBTour review


Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 3/15/13

When lives are on the line, sometimes the wrong thing is the right thing to do.
Born into a Chicago cop family, Angela DeLuca gets her rush from saving lives while her brothers get theirs from catching the bad guys. A tough beauty with a heart perhaps too big, she champions the underdog because, as the youngest of six siblings, she often felt like one.
ICE Special Agent Troy Deavers became a cop to prove he wasn’t like his father—a southern politician who brought his family down with greed and corruption. He doesn’t suffer victims well. At first intrigued by Angela’s passion, he soon fears that the fire in Angela’s heart will be her undoing.
What happens when Troy falls in love with the lovely but infuriating Angela, the Chicago paramedic who insists on protecting a young witness and her unborn baby—a witness who could break his case wide open?
You met the DeLuca family in heartbeats, now come to know them even better in ICE blue.

My Review: 

I am quite comfortable with the writings of Susan Rae. I previously read Freefall and enjoyed it, so it was fun to get the opportunity to read and review another book of Susan Rae's and I enjoyed Ice Blue even more than the first book I had read.  Ice Blue featured Angela Deluca as the stories protagonist along side male protagonist Troy Deavers.   Angela had been disillusioned by her fiance' and Troy had survived an abusive home life as a kid.   Angela worked as a paramedic, wanting and needing to help individuals>  Troy worked as a Special Agent with ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security.

Needless to say, this romance,thriller was something that took hold of your heart as you read.  Angela was soft hearted and cared about people.   A previous patient had gifted her a puppy who also played a somewhat major role in the story and I have a fondness for puppies and babies myself.   It is book two in a series , but you don't have to read #1 to get totally into this second of the series!    It can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone.

Rae's characters were well defined and it was easy to follow the flow of the writing and the speed of the tale.   Although it might've seemed somewhat predictable, I enjoyed figuring out who the top Bad Guy was and why he was so ruthless!   I also enjoyed the interaction between Angela and Troy as they fell for each other.

I'd rate this book as four winks/very close to losing sleep over!!

Susan Rae

I write, basically, because I just can’t help myself.  I can't resist the challenge of taking the intriguing characters and storylines that pop into my head and fleshing them out into compelling manuscripts.  Romantic suspense is a natural to me, because it allows me to combine a sexy, passionate love story with a gritty suspense tale—in my opinion, the best of both worlds. It also lets me express my appreciation for the outdoors in the settings which I recreate on the page.
Freefall, my second novel, takes place in Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine Forest and beautiful Door County. ICE blue returns to the busy streets of Chicago and the shores of Lake Michigan to continue the story of the DeLuca family which began in my award winning first novel, heartbeats. I am currently working on the third book in the DeLuca series, TRUE blue, due out in 2014, where it seems my characters must take a trip to Montana’s majestic Glacier National Park.
When I’m not sketching characters or working out plot problems, you might find me on the golf course working on my handicap. I also enjoy traveling around the country seeking out new settings for my novels with my husband and my empty nest puppies, Ginger and Nikute.  To read more about my novels and the writing life, please visit my website/blog atwww.susanrae.com

Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising*  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

COVER REVEAL for Blue Lines by Toni Aleo/ RABT

</ strong>
Blue Lines - Cover Reveal
Toni Aleo</ strong>
Contemporary Sports Romance</ span>
Title: Empty Net (Assassins #4)</ span>
Date to be Published: August 13, 2013


Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo’s latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can’t resist.

The instant Piper Allen sees Erik Titov, she wants him—wants his rock-hard body, sure, but the strength and mystery that lies behind that superstar hockey jock demeanor, too. So when he sidles up to her at a bar and slinks his arm around her waist, she’s lost. What follows is the wildest night of her life . . . followed by inevitable heartbreak the next morning. And then, a few weeks later, a very big surprise: two blue lines on a pregnancy test.

</ span>
Only a check to the head could make Erik fall for a nice girl like Piper. But since their crazy-sexy night together, he’s been trying to forget about her alluring body by falling into bed with every woman in Nashville, and it’s not working. So when Piper shows up at his house with a baby-bomb to drop, it doesn’t take much for Erik to suggest the nuclear option: marriage. While it’s supposed to be all for show, the second they say “I do,” the ice between them starts to melt into sizzling steam.

About the Author:

</ span>
My name is Toni Aleo!
I am a wife, mother, and hopeless romantic.
I have been told I have anger issues, but I think it's cause of my intense love for hockey!
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena's glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn't pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son's hockey games, my daughters dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, and reading the latest romance novel.
I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, and did I mention I love hockey?

</ span>

Get the first 3 books in the series:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Afternoon Fun!

Good Evening Peeps!   I scrapbooked a bit this afternoon, and I really had a fun time of it.    I made and created my own little ATC scrapbook, which I, Grandma, can carry about with me easily.

The base ATC scrapbook measures 2 and 1/4 inch by 3 and 1/4 inch and I used 5 different colors of cardstock to make the cover and inside pages...all from Stampin Up....the flowers came from Archivers, the butterfly brads, and sock monkey brads were purchased through ebay.   But it was so much fun to make this little Grandma Brag Book this afternoon! I felt a closeness to my four darlings the entire time I worked on it.

I know you can't have enjoyed this as much as I did, but I hope you liked my first ever Book of Grands!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ballroom to Bride and Groom by Kate Hardy


TV presenter Polly Anna Adams has spent a lifetime living up to her name. Suddenly single, Polly hides behind her cheery facade and enters a celebrity dance competition. Her partner? None other than gorgeous but wary professional dancer Liam Flynn.Liam has learned the hard way to keep his heart on lockdown, but Polly's joie de vivre puts a spring back in his polished step. As the competition heats up, so does their unstoppable attraction. If only they could convince themselves their hot tango passion is just for the cameras….

My Review:

My mother loaned me this short romance novel and it was a very enjoyable read.   It was not a sexually explicit read although there is mention of such activity.   Both Polly Anna and Liam are well defined characters, each suffering from a world of hurt at the hands of their previous love interests and each has a lot to overcome before they can allow themselves to fall in love again.   But the human spirit is strong and getting that second chance is what we all seek when hurt.   The story definitely centers around the two of them....other characters contribute to a phone call conversation or to the judging team of Ballroom Glitz.  Polly Anna must come face to face with her biggest fear/shame in life and finds it to be a freeing experience with the help of her dance coach.   If you like clean romance stories, this is a sweet and fun read!

I rate this book 4 winks!



Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Promo Time: Welcome to Paradise by Rosalind James/RABT

Welcome to Paradise
By Rosalind James
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 4/12/13

By the bestselling author of the Escape to New Zealand series—
They’re going to party like it’s 1885.

Mira Walker is hoping that competing on a “living history” reality show will give her what’s missing from her real life. Maybe she’ll get closer to her boyfriend, who hasn’t been all that nice to her lately. Get fired up about her job again. Who knows, she might even win a million dollars.

Gabe Kincaid and his brother Alec are after that million too, though. Mira and Scott are no threat at all, not when everybody involved is going to want to kill Scott after the first day. And there’s no bond stronger than a twin’s. What could possibly go wrong?


Gabe began to haul out suitcases, then stopped in his tracks.
A couple spaces beyond, a young woman stood next to a glossy black BMW with its door open, her gaze turned up to the eastern skyline. Gabe could see why. The view was tinted with a rose pink that lay softly over the mountains, giving them an almost ethereal glow.
She sensed his presence behind him, turned with a warm smile that was a perfect complement to the light bathing the landscape behind her. “Alpenglow,” she told him happily.
“What?” he asked stupidly.
“That’s what they call that pink thing. Alpenglow. Isn’t it beautiful?”
“Yeah,” he smiled slowly. “It sure is.”
She nodded, looked back at the mountains with a sigh, leaving Gabe free to take in the view that interested him most. She wasn’t especially slim—in fact, she was downright . . .rounded. Arms, breasts, hips, it was all there, all the good stuff. A nicely defined waist, too, in a slightly crumpled short-sleeved summer dress that flared out at the hem. Long, shiny brown hair caught on the side of her head in a simple braid that reached nearly to her hips, ended in a curly tail. All right, she was attractive. A pretty face, nice hair, a beautiful smile, but she certainly wasn’t gorgeous. So why was he staring at her?
“Cute,” Alec said quietly beside him.
“Yeah.” Gabe gave himself a shake and began to turn away.
“Hey.” The man was striding quickly across the parking lot. Light brown hair, parted neatly. Slim and tall, somewhere between Gabe’s six foot and Alec’s six-two. And, Gabe realized, the same asshole who’d flipped them off earlier, at the light. Frowning, now, as he came to join the woman. “What are you doing? I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Sorry,” she said. “I was just looking at the view.”
“Did you get the car cleaned out?”
“Not yet.”
He sighed impatiently. “I’ve got all our stuff inside already, and unpacked, while you’ve been standing here. Could you get a move on, please? I want to go to dinner.”
“Sorry,” she said again. “It’s just so beautiful.”
The man smiled tightly, still not acknowledging Gabe or Alec, who had come up to stand beside his brother and watch the pair. “All I’m asking for is a bit of focus here, sweetie. Eyes on the prize, remember? Can you do that for me?”
“Of course,” she said. Gabe could see the flush spreading up her cheeks, her embarrassment at the reproof in front of strangers. Not his business, he reminded himself.
None of his business at all.

Author Bio:

Rosalind James is the author of the bestselling “Escape to New Zealand” series.
“Welcome to Paradise” is her first book set in the United States. A former marketing executive, Rosalind divides her time between California and New Zealand.

Author Links

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Opening Arguments by Jacqueline Wade/ Review

Opening Argument

Jacqueline Wade

Romantic Suspense

Assistant state’s attorney Kate Campbell believes in truth, justice, and hard work. The youngest attorney in Cook County’s felony review division, she’s determined to make a difference—even if it means occasionally bending the rules. When a case forces her to work with the man she rejected five years earlier, she can’t help but wonder what might have been.

Ethan Bradfield spent the past five years rebuilding his life. Devastated by Kate’s rejection, he walked away from a promising legal career and the life he expected to lead. When an assassination attempt on his boss, Congressman Owen Brown, brings Ethan face-to-face with Kate, he’s not about to give up his second chance—regardless of the cost. 
Criminal defense attorney Blake Edwards battles with Kate inside the courtroom, but outside of it, he’s looking for a more intimate relationship. A rising star in Chicago, Blake gets what he wants—and he wants Kate. 

One dedicated female attorney, two tenacious men, one volatile case…Opening arguments are just the beginning. 

My Review: 

First let me confess I was given a copy of Opening Arguments by the author's representatives in exchange for a fair and honest review. Then I bought the kindle version so I could read it on my KINDLE and get away from my overly possessive computer who I call Hank. I am not as young as I once was.

That being said,I'll get on with my review. I rated the book as three stars. It was a fast and easy read, I enjoyed the plot and the main character, Kate. I liked the fast pace of the book. However, I am not much of a fan of love triangles, especially undecided love triangles. And in my humble opinion, the books ending left much to be desired. It was a very abrupt ending. Knowing it was volume one of a series, I should have been more prepared for that.

For a debut tale, first in a series, it's good and well written; it certainly leaves you begging for more and for answers! I am certainly anxious to see how the author continues with series. 


3 winks!

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Way Back by Ancdrew Gross/PICT VBTour w/Review & Give Away

Book Details
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Published by: William Morrow
Publication Date: 4/2/203
Number of Pages: 352
ISBN: 978006165982

Purchase Links: 


No Way Back is a thrilling page-turner from Andrew Gross, the New York Times bestselling author of 15 Seconds and The Blue Zone. One woman is framed for a horrific crime, and desperate to prove her innocence.

A chance meeting with a stranger in a hotel ends in a shocking murder. Wendy Gould is an average mom--and the only witness. Nanny Lauritzia Velez knows a shocking secret that could prove to be deadly. Both of their lives in danger, this unlikely pair must work together against a network of dangerous men who want nothing more than to see them dead.

A fast-paced, riveting tale with strong, compelling characters, No Way Back is an edge-of-your-seat read with nonstop action and a complex mystery  

Author Bio:

 Andrew Gross is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers 15SECONDS, EYES WIDE OPEN,THE BLUE ZONE, THE DARK TIDE, DON'T LOOK TWICE, and RECKLESS. He is also coauthor of five number one bestsellers with James Patterson, including JUDGE & JURYand LIFEGUARD. His books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. He lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife, Lynn.

Follow Andrew:





My Review:

Morning Peeps!    Hope this finds all of you well in Cyberland!    Today's review of No Way Back  by Andrew Gross is the first reading of his work for me, but it shall not be the last.   SUSPENSE is epic in this tale about a woman who falls head first into a government cover up and is set up to be the patsy for several heinous crimes.  It's one of those novels that starts at a fast pace and sucks the reader in, begging you to continue into the wee hours of the night!    Really it is gripping!!

Two women in different and yet dire and related circumstance.   Wendy is the main character and at first I didn't like her.   She behaved irresponsibly for a woman of 39 yrs and married to boot.   I felt like she almost deserved what was happening to her.   But as the story continued, I felt I could sympathize with her and feel her fear and pain.   And her ability to avoid capture earned my respect too.    The second woman, Lauritzia, was the main character #2 and I loved her immediately.    She carried the load of a lot of lost family,  sorrow and fear, but she also grew as a person and reached the point that enough is enough.

I loved the strong characters that Gross introduced us to.   And I was captivated by the strong story line and the suspense that just never let up!   I enjoyed the two women and how they became stronger due to their adverse circumstances.  This was truly an amazing read!

For a print copy of No Way Back, please enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below!
 May good Fortune be with you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Every eBook received for review on the tours for Partners In Crime are given in exchange for an honest review. The eBooks are sole property (copyrighted) of the author and should not be sold, distributed to, or exchanged among other people not part of the tours, nor should they be listed on file sharing sites. Failure to comply with this disclaimer, will result in removal from all future tours.
I was given a copy of This novel by Andrew Gross's representatives in exchange for an honest review.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Centaur Legacy by Nancy Straight....A my choice review! May contain Spoilers

I fell in love with the Centaurs when I read Nancy Straight's, Blood Debt.    I absolutely loved it and I wanted to read more desperately.     Nancy was kind enough to send a copy of Centaur Legacy and I was lost to it until now.   (My to be read pile had morphed into a gigantic, ugly mess)   and only I could clean it up.   Gonna take lots of work.

But in my plan to clean things up, I moved Centaur Legacy to the top and voila, I read it!!!   I was not disappointed with anything in it.   Normally for me at least, a second book is rather much a letdown, but Nancy captivated me from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed the travels of Cami and Drake.

In this volume, Cami is able to embrace her life as a Centaur and comes into her full powers.   She is strong and capable---able to do things that make her more than able to fight in the battle for self preservation.    They traipse Ireland looking for Hercules' arrow, meet her uncle Zethus, who is far tamer than Zandra, the grandmother.  Then it's on to South Dakota to meet Cameron, Cami's twin, as it is he who has the arrow of Hercules.   We don't get to know much of Cameron in this story plot, but maybe in the next edition!

The saddest thing was that although Cameron refused to give the arrow to them, Drake read his body language and stole it.......only to the most dire of consequence.     There are always consequences to the choices we make...so be warned.

The happiest moment is when Cami's brother,Beau, claims the love of lovely Lacey, a Centauride and he will be able to remain a Centaur in the Centaur world.....although again, there will be consequences.

Cami shows fierce loyalty, and strength of heart, refuses to aceept life as it is for her and Drake, hoping and looking for a happier tomorrow and makes the decision, they must travel to Africa and confront the Centaur Council...;...I think that will be in Book three coming out in May 2013....not too long to wait, thank heaven!

I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to read too much fantasy, but I must continue with Drake and Cami's story.....I just hope I live long enough to do it.   Nancy, thank you so much for this flight of fancy--I am enjoying it to the utmost!!   Keep on dear gal, Keep On!

I give Centaur Legacy 5 winks!    Yes, indeed, 5 winks!



About this Author:

Nancy was born in Sioux City Iowa, left the cold of the Midwest in 1991 and only returns to see family in the summer time. She spent ten years traveling the world as a US Marine and settled in rural SC.  She has two fantastic son, three rotten dogs and an amazing husband.  When not writing she enjoys RVing with her family, swimming and reading all types of romance genres.  Her favorite is paranormal romance.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Straight/e/B0060ENBWO/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1351003408&sr=1-2-ent
Blog: http://authnancystraight.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NancyStraight
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4114202.Nancy_Straight

Generic VBT Disclaimer:

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BookRix Promo


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Visit the Contest Page Here:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tin God by Stacy Green/ Review

Stacy Green
Genre: mystery/suspense/romance
Words: 95-99K

Getting pregnant as a teenager and being coerced into giving her baby up for adoption left a festering scar on Jaymee Ballard’s life. She hovers on the cusp of poverty, unable to escape. After the death of her best friend, Jaymee has nearly given up on getting her daughter back. And now she has found her boss–the only person she almost trusts–in a puddle of blood in one of Roselea, Mississippi’s prized antebellum mansions. 

I just murdered your wife…again

Stuck in emotional purgatory since his wife’s unsolved murder four years ago, Nick Samuels is about to self-destruct. Then, a letter arrives claiming credit for his wife’s murder and boasting of a new kill. When he realizes the new victim is a mirror image of his wife, Nick rushes to historic Roselea determined to tie the murders together and find his wife’s killer.

Nick’s arrival turns Jaymee’s world upside down. His dead wife was Jaymee’s closest friend, and she’s never forgiven herself for the woman’s death. Jaymee realizes the secret she’s been harboring for years may be a motive for the killings, and coming clean with Nick sends them both on a dangerous course.

Up against years of deception, Jaymee and Nick rush to identify the murderer before Jaymee loses her last chance to expose the truth about her daughter’s adoption. 

But the truth doesn’t always set the guilt-ridden free. Sometimes, it destroys them.



Raised in southeastern Iowa, Stacy Green grew up watching crime shows with her parents, so her love of suspense and psychological thrillers is no surprise. She’s fascinated by the workings of the criminal mind and explores true crime on her popular Thriller Thursday posts at her blog, Turning the Page.
After earning her degree in journalism, Stacy worked in advertising before becoming a
stay-at-home mom to her miracle child. She rediscovered her love of writing and wrote several articles for a city magazine before penning her first novel. She shelved the long drama and began working on a suspense book set in Las Vegas, featuring a heroine on the edge of disaster, a tormented villain, and the city’s infamous storm drains that house hundreds of homeless.
Into The Dark is suspense with a dash of romance, and Stacy is hard at work on her next book, a darker, grittier thriller set in the Deep South.
When she’s not writing, she spends all her time with her precocious daughter, supportive husband, and their three obnoxious but lovable canine children.
Follow Stacy online at her BlogTwitterFacebook, and  Web site.

My Review:

Once again I am absolutely blown away by Stacy Green's writing!   Two chapters in and I was hooked...she had me invested, lock, stock and barrel and there was no escape for me.  The synopsis above pretty much tells what you need to know to be enticed to read this novel, but Stacy writes such real and likable characters with some astounding baggage and a prolific story with all kinds of twists and turns!    Just when I think I have it figured out, there is another unexpected aha moment and we trail after a character I never suspected could be involved in the who done it!!    I love her writing!  Tin God will certainly not disappoint those mystery/suspense lover's and I believe you will delight in her story from beginning to end!   It is very much a bittersweet read with the main character maturing into a very strong and responsible woman.    I rate this book at 5 Winks!

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.