Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” —Groucho Marx

Want a Review?

Want a review of your story or book?  I''ll try to list my parameters here.    I enjoy reading and I like a variety of genre's.   I love mystery/suspense, some thriller, but not gory and scary.    I enjoy romance, but prefer it to be cleaner rather than erotica. (Absolutely no mfm or fmf or bdsm).    I like YA, but I will not accept vampire or demon.  I read women's literature and Christian reads.   I prefer not to be bored with text books and non fiction, although I will read autobiographies on occasion.

If your book or short story falls within these guidelines and time permits, I will consider reading your work of art.   I will give you my honest opinion through a blog posting at Beth Art From the Heart blogspot with a 3 and above rating.   However, if I did not like the book I will not post a less than 3 wink review on the blog.    Rather I will email you with my thoughts.   Does that sound fair?   I prefer not to humiliate an author with unkind words publicly.

At this time, the earliest reviews I can post will be scheduled for December 2012.

With all this in mind, please feel free to contact me at lucyatmax@yahoo.com or miffbeth@gmail.com  .

I love to read and I seldom find a book I don't like.

Thank you!

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Unknown said...

Beth- I am following your blog through Book Blogs and would love it if you would follow mine in return. I would reeeaaaly love it if you would review my book. Please let me know if it interests you!