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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I won!

I am a huge fan of Michelle Zindorf and her brayer technique. So I follow her blog and delight in her art work. Last week I won this card done by Michelle as blog candy! WOO HOO! I won this fabulous card with purple hilites and believe you me,
I am a purple and Autumn girl from my head to my toes! Thank you Michelle, you are so awesome!!!
Today we held our club meeting, we had scrapbookers scrapping and alot of playing with each other's card making stash! What a hoot! I love these gals I stamp with! The group has bonded together well and I am ecstatic about that! It kind of feels like Sistas! (of which I have none in real life). So I shall keep my stampin sistas!
More Later folks! Keep a smile on your face and a stamp in your hand!!

1 comment:

mandi said...

Yay, you won!

It really is a beautiful card.

I wish you'd post another blog. I love reading them.