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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Memory Lane

Today, I scrapbooked my daylight hours away. Something was kindled Friday night when we had our scrappin night at Alisa's. So I finished my two Sibling pages and my rembrance page of Dennis. I am rather proud of how his page turned out. If I get my camera out so I can take a good picture I will upload it. Naturally Working with his pictures makes me sad. We certainly had our differences, but I loved my baby brother a whole lot and I miss him.

Anyway most of the day has now slipped away and I must get busy with some birthday cards!
April has a lot of birthdays, Erik, Joyce, Sister Butcher and Alisa too and two out of four birthdays I am already late with! Shocking and appalling isn't it? The queen of cards has turned into the plummer whose home pipes are rusty and leak, the mechanic whose own car doesn't run very well, and she has two boxes of cards already made, but can't send a card on time!
I always want to do that one special card, the aha card, the I'll cherish it forever card! Like I'm sure that doesn't happen often. My Mom and DH are the only ones who saves my creations.

Oh well, the joy is in the giving right? I always liked writing letters and loved the stationary at the store. Hallmark was my favorite place to shop as a kid. Pembles Hardware was my second favorite. They sold the Breyer Model Horses which I collected. Anyway, I used to write to one of my best friend's dad and perfumed his cards to the hilt and I corresponded with Uncle Alonzo the same way when I was in college. I had more fun with them! I always thought I would some day have my own stationary store and in a sense I do. I love to craft cards, the problem is, there is always some new stamp or some new technique or some new embellishment and my wish list never decreases! It's downright discouraging at times.

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have mine. I accomplished something, I felt the emotions of remembrance both happy and sad, and I had a minute for blogging! Now to accomplish washing some dishes! :)


Unknown said...

I would keep your cards but my DH keeps everything else, so there's no room. Sorry! Love ya!

Aunty Cherie said...

I've kept your cards Bethie! I think they are beautiful, and I cherish anyone who is crafty enough to go to the trouble.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cherie, I am honored.