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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Say good-bye to iris

Springtime and autumn are my two favorite seasons. I love the outside and appreciate the smell of fresh cut grass, lilacs and the smell of upturned earth. Spring rains wash away the remnants of winter. The sun pokes it's head just a little closer and coaxes all the tender flowers to push through the darkness and tranquility of dormancy to bloom and blossom, sharing the beauty of new life! It truly is a time of rebirth. I find myself this spring wanting to do what I've never done, be what I have never been and to start anew. Best to start with my own attitude I guess.

Anyway, Iris are my favorite flower. They come in all sizes and colors and they are gloriously shaped and designed. When we lived in our house on the east side, I planted 26 different varieties of IRIS. That was before my knees and my back gave out on me. I had one iris that was almost black, another that smelled like grapes, verigated iris and a beautiful dark rust color. Some had such huge blooms, the stem could barely stand up, otheres were small and petite.

To honor spring and my love of the IRIS, I have done the card featured here, using my favorite shades of the color purple. I can not remeber what company put out the stamp, sorry, but I am pretty sure, I bought it at Michael's, another favorite!

We are watching the boys today while the adult kids are at Laser Fest. I bet we have more fun than they do! Rigth now they are playing video games, but we'll be stamping before too long!That is a sure bet when they are at Grandma's house. Who knows I may have the next Picasso growing up right before my eyes!

Enjoy this last day of May. I certainly will!


miffer said...

I enjoyed watching the boys play the game and playing the computer games with them.

mom said...

when I lived on the farm and worked in West Des Moines in the spring one way of relaxing from work was to walk around the yard and admire my iris and peonnies---they were beautiful!Sometimes Richard would walk with me but if he did'nt I armed myself with a garden hoe to be ready to"whack"any sneaky.slimmie.horrible snake that might appear. That was the good ole days. MOM