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Monday, June 22, 2009

Stars and Stripes forever!

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you were disassembled and put back together incorrectly? That's how I feel today. I am achey and tired and I really have no right to be tired. But I am certainly not thinking straight.
The artist trading cards pictured in this post were my gift to my unit this morning. I think I made 40 of them to honor out nation's birth. Once I distribute to the unit, then I hand out the extras to different ones on the floor. I think we have over 250 Customer service reps, and no way can I make enough for everyone, so I try to catch ones that I haven't given to before as well as my unit. A star spangled boy for a star spangled day! They were a real hit and I'm glad they were received so well. You can't really miss with a great stamp like this little guy. He reminds me of the grandsons and parades.
I'll keep this short today. Thanks go out to all who ever served our country and prayers for a safe return home to all who are in active duty at the present time. You are our country's finest and we owe you a big debt of gratitude. Thank you.

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miffer said...

It's the same for me. Our grandchildren are the same in additude as the little one in the stamp!