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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama

Today was my mom's 80th birthday. She will no doubt hate this picture being posted, but doesn't she look great for 80? She is the best.
Everyone says that about their mom, but she really is the best. Amanda and I went down after work and bless her heart she had prepared a feast of fried chicken legs (the absolute biggest legs I've ever seen), fresh tomato slices, little ears of sweet corn, sliced green peppers, bread and butter......what a feast. We should have cooked her a birthday feast, but it was all ready for our visit.
And may I add, she is still the best cook I know! I delighted in that fried chicken because it was every bit as good as what she prepared and served so many years ago when it was not only five growing kids and a hungry farmer, but also multiple farm hands who enjoyed her cooking as well!
It's an awesome thing too, because there is a really special relationship between mothers and daughters. Early on a mom is a role model for the daughter and for the most part, we always got along...none of that teenage hate you business went on at our house. Thank heaven for that. I didn't even experience that with my own daughter, thankfully, but we are all three really good friends. Tonight felt like a girl's night out, and we had a great time!
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and you will always be my favorite! XOXOXOXOXOXO


Aunty Cherie said...

She looks great!!! Wish her a Happy Birthday from me, please! Great cooks never lose their abilities, thank Heaven. Made my mouth water just reading about the feast. Don's b-day was the 11th...59! can you believe it?! Love ya!

miffer said...

Hey! How about some updates?