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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mad About Maddie by Sherri Thomas...a Review

Good Morning Peeps!!

A few days back, I was so excited to win an e-copy of Mad About Maddie  from Sallie's Book Reviews and More and author, Sherri Thomas.   I have now completed the book and I'm ready to give you my review which will also include a summary of the writing and storyline.

Romance-fiction-Erotica is not my select choice for reading material.  But I do have to say, I enjoyed this particular read.   Maybe it was because the storyline wrapped itself around a ranch where abused horses were being treated and trained by natural training methods and I love horses and so wanted to be near them forever.   However, I gave up my horses when I married many years ago....one of those situations where you can't have your cake and eat it too!   Anyway, Madison, (Maddie) Preston, had returned to her hometown and landed a job at the Double M Ranch as the abused horse trainer.  She had left an abusive relationship herself, which had scarred her emotions and left her with a plan to live her life alone, self sufficient and strong enough not to need a man in her life.   Her plan provided safety and she had worked hard to get where she was alone and strong.   But she didn't count on Jake Dutson, stirring every nerve,  and every hormone in her petite body.   Jake had been away from the ranch when Maddie had hired on so she came as quite a surprise when he returned and found her riding one of the untamed stallions.   Needless to say, he ruffled her feathers, but he was also a cowboy in lust...The two were drawn together
as if there were magnets.  Each found a great need in the other...a need no one else could possibly fill. 

The story I liked.  The plot I liked.   The Character development was excellent.    The hot steamy sex scenes were a little too hot for me; I like my imagination to have something to do while the characters are busy in the boudoir.   That's just me.   There surely must be a market for this as a lot of romance writing includes very descriptive sex scenes these days.  This was definitely an ADULT read.  The book was short, so easily read in a day.  Overall I did enjoy the book!

                          Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers?                            

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