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Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I read in February--my joy is reading

Happy March 1 everyone!   Spring is almost here!   I could shout this from a rooftop!!   So excited for spring rain, trees budding out, flowers poking their heads through the ground and robins chirping!   I love spring and I love autumn too- the opening and the closing.

So what do you think?    Is it sufficient to blame my reading of only 6  books in February on the fact it was a short month?    At this rate I will never accomplish my self-set goal of 150 books in 2014.   We'll see if March being longer has anything to do with the rate I read.   Lol.

As you can plainly see, it was once again a very diverse reading in February.   I loved Sarah Jio's Morning Glory and Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor in Bloom both being romance with a tinge of mystery throughout.

Mary  Kay Andrews book, Christmas Bliss was a fun Christmas read and my review will be included in the 25 days of Christmas in December.

Dick Wolf's The Execution is a thriller/adventure read which takes the reader for a violent ride through NYC.    Marjorie Roy  won copies of both of Wolf's books, The Intercept and The Execution!   Congrats Marjorie, my most faithful follower of all time!

And the Widows of Braxton County was a rather dark tale of family generations and how the present day widow came about to break the curse of generations past.   It was an awesome read.

Last but not least was The Thirteenth Tale.  This book was a little difficult to get started but once we met Vida Winter and she met Margaret Lea, the story came together perfectly for quite a nice, dark mystery!

Although I failed to read a lot in numbers, I certainly had an enjoyable month of reading!

May March bring forth many new authors and many new new books to be read by the book hungry populace!   That's you and me too!


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