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Friday, April 27, 2012

Septimus Heap Flyte by Angie Sage....A Review

Noah brought this book home for me to read.   He had explained he was reading book one in the series, Magyk, and it would be a new series he would like grandma to purchase for him.  When he told me he was reading Magyk, I told him I had read it last year, thus I had spring break to finish the second book in the series and I was successful in doing so.   However, I must remember to explain he should not be checking books out of the school library for his granny to read.    I’m sure there are kids who might’ve liked to check it out as well as he did! 

Angie Sage is a great storyteller in my opinion.    She has a recipe for success with this series, a little bit of magyk, a lot of adventure, spiced with humor that leaves the reader chuckling, and characters that are very well developed!   Septimus Heap is a good lad and the apprentice to the Extra Ordinary Wizard, Marcia Overstrand.    Septimus is the seventh son of a seventh son and that does make his Magyk stronger than most.   In this edition, Septimus’s oldest brother, Simon, is dedicated to being the apprentice of darke magyk since Marcia selected Septimus as her apprentice rather than Simon!   Simon has set out to destroy the kingdom and kidnaps the princess in his efforts to please DomDaniel.   It is an adventure that is fast paced and woven intricately between the characters which makes the book interesting and hard to put down.   It definitely follows the age old good vs evil theme.   I guess I will pursue the rest of the series with Noah and Septimus til we reach the end of the road!  

Happy Reading Friends! 


Unknown said...

Awww....Your grandson is so cute. :)

Unknown said...

He's a keeper for sure!