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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Day Push please help

One of the author's I've hosted has sent the following requesting assistance.   If you can help and are interested, please contact the yahoo address below:

Seven best-selling indie authors, and I are putting on a promo on July 26th, and we are hoping that some of you fantastic bloggers might be able to help out. We are doing a One Day Book Push. Best part of it for our bloggers? There will be randomly drawn prizes for bloggers who help us out. How about some Amazon Gift Cards! If you are interested, or know of any other bloggers who might be, please contact onedaybookpush@yahoo.ca for the details.

Author of Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00
I love helping Indie Authors and if you feel the same, be sure to contact onedaybookpush@yahoo.ca    !
Thanks so much Peeps!



Janice said...

I'm reading and loving this book at the moment - I'm almost at the end - and so I'm really grateful to you for not giving away and spoilers!

I loved the idea of someone living their life according to their horoscope and that is what first attracted me to this book, now I love the way the romance is being played out between Katherine and James. Erm, excuse me, I've got to get back to reading The Quintessential Gemini!

Oh, meant to say, I'll be looking out for Linn's next book The Restaurant.

Janice xx

Unknown said...

thanks for commenting Janice....I'll be reading the Restaurant too...hopefully this month. Enjoy your reading! I sure loved it!