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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Killing at the Creek by Nancy Allen--A Review


Prosecutor Elsie Arnold loves her small-town home in the Ozark hills, but she’s been waiting for a murder to come along and make her career. So when a body is found under a bridge, throat cut, Elsie jumps at the chance to work on the case, even if it’s alongside the brash new chief assistant, Chuck Harris—and her latest flame, Detective Bob Ashlock.

But when the investigation reveals that the deceased woman was driving a school bus, and the police locate the vehicle, its interior covered in blood, the occupant and only suspect is a fifteen-year-old boy. Elsie’s in for more than she bargained for.

Win or lose, this case will haunt her. No one has successfully prosecuted a juvenile for first-degree murder in McCown County. If she loses, it’s her career on the line and a chilling homicide unresolved; if she wins, a boy’s liberty will be taken from him before he reaches his sixteenth birthday.


Nancy Allen practiced law for 15 years as Assistant Missouri Attorney General and Assistant Prosecutor in her native Ozarks. She has tried over 30 jury trials, including murder and sexual offenses, and is now a law instructor at Missouri State University. Her first novel,The Code of the Hills, was published by HarperCollins in 2014. AKilling at the Creek, the second book in the Ozarks mystery series, will be released on February 17, 2015


I am so stoked after reading A Killing at the Creek by Nancy Allen.   I have added her to my favorite author list!

I love a good mystery and Nancy Allen is an awesome storyteller.   Throughout 
the story I questioned the guilt or innocence of the fifteen year old alleged killer.
The story is fast paced with lots of personality clashes and internal power struggles.    The characters were well developed and fleshed out.    I love when a story includes a character or two you love to hate and Nancy Allen certainly was able to create those easily enough.

The story was well plotted and tied together smoothly at a surprise ending.   I was captivated from beginning to end and found it hard to tear myself away from the book.

I rated this a 5 Wink read!

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a copy of this book from the author or their representative in exchange for an honest review.

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