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Monday, February 16, 2015

Night Terror by Stacy Green--A Review

Hey Hey Hey!    This truly is just a review of Stacy Green's Night Terror...a Cage Foster novella.   

Let me Give you my version of the synopsis.  

Cage Foster is a detective with the Roselea Sheriff's Department.   He and his girlfriend are expecting their first child.   Recent town stats show a murder/rape and vicious rape where the victim was revived.   To make matters worse than they already were, the location of Roselea is in Mississippi where racial tensions run high.   The murdered victim is a black woman and the second victim is white.   The case of the murdered victim is stalled and being handled by a bigoted white detective with the police department and the second case is just opened through the Sheriff's Office.   See how this could set a town up for an explosive situation?


I have taken a shine to our hero, Cage Foster.   He seems to be pretty ready for racial prejudice to take a hike out of his town and into oblivion....couldn't we all use that!  He uses his instincts as a trained cop and listens to his gut feelings.   He is the kind of cop we'd love to have on our side when it comes to a serious accusation.

Of course, novellas are short, read fast and cut directly to the chase.   This was no different.   It was very well plotted, flowed smoothly and provided a nice tidy mystery with all the key elements necessary to bring satisfaction to the reader.  My natural mystery solving abilities had pretty much established the "who dun it" in this story, but it was an enjoyable read, nonetheless!

I would highly recommend this to mystery buffs everywhere.   I rated this a 4 Wink read!

Disclaimer:  I read for my pleasure.   I may receive ARC copies for review purposes, but I am not compensated for my reviews .  I like to read and I like to share my reviews.   I post my thoughts without prejudice or bias.  The words are mine and I write reviews based on my humble opinion.  I will admit, I seldom meet a book I don't like.  I received a copy of this book from the author or their representative in exchange for an honest review.

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