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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Trails

This card was so much fun!! I saw this tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers last week and knew I would have to try it. All you do is seal any size envelope, cut one and a quarter inches off of one end...(That will be your closure piece). Stamp the larger piece of envelope however you wish to decorate it, run it through your crimper; that shortens the width to where it fits inside the closure piece. Then you can cut a piece of cardstock to fit into the crimped envelope, decorate it to match and voila, you have a decorated crimped envelope and card. I chose to stipple my envelope and used the Happy Trails set from the Angel Co. I am not adding any embellishments, as it is for my 9 yr old grandson. You never know how long anything stamped will last in their hands, but they do love to help me stamp. I've stamped with their help ever since they were babies. When Storm and Kane are over, they want to stamp. One of my stampin buddies would have heart failure if she were to see how inked up some of my blocks are, but it brings me joy to bring them joy and we have a good time. Some times we are all inked up and usually somebody decorates themselves in tape. And I can assure you, the smaller the hands the faster they are. When I have all three grandsons, it is a race for Grandma's eyes to keep on top of things, but we usually survive. Storm loves animals, so I hope he will like this card made especially for him! Not only will there be a card lurking inside with more stamped horse images, but there will be birthday dollars as well! I smell shopping coming on! Happy Birthday my little cowboy!

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