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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Been a Year now.....

Aren't these two a pretty pair? This stamp is from the Rubber Cottage and when I saw a card with these two lovelies, I just had to have it. Doesn't hurt that the horse stickin' her head underneath to catch a peak looks alot like my first pony, Beauty. Gosh I do miss her. The card front is colored with colored pencils; I love to color with my pencils.
Hey guys, I've had my blog for a year now! Is that not awesome? Not that I blog every waking minute, but how time flies!
After our vendor fair I have decided I must get busy! I need to make up sellable items for the fair in September. I think I will make more Artist Trading Card aka business cards, some key chains if I can find the metal parts fairly inexpensively, cd scrapbooks which means I need to capture some pictures of girlfriends for my show and tell Friends scrapbook. Calling all friends! And of course, I think I will try and package some notecards and greeting cards as well. Hopefully these things will muster up some business, don't you think? I have to get my newsletter out this week too. And then it's on to the birthday greetings, the anniversary greetings etc......that should be enough to do to keep me in the house during August and the heat that comes with it. LOL. Can't believe I ever used to ride horses every day of the year. I could handle the heat and the cold and can't do any of that anymore. I'm such a WIMP! If anyone can think of ten good things about getting older, would you please email me and remind me what great things they be?
Til next time my buddies.....keep cool!


miffer said...

Someone to have. When you can spend the time.

Aunty Cherie said...

10 good things about growing older...
1...You don't HAVE to enjoy the heat or cold
2...no one expects you to remember yesterday
4...eyesight fades as chin hairs grow
5...naps are okay
6...you're not expected to dress any way but comfortable
7...you are the first released in a hostage situation
8...no one complains if you have to make a rest stop every hour or so
9...spike heels are not required, Birks are
10..."Old" friends understand you and love you anyway!