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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today's the Day!

The Vendor Fair is over and what can I say? We had a beautiful day to be outside. I enjoyed myself tremendously and did not pack up until 2PM. Unfortunately it was a quiet day for attendance, but I did set up a booking with Jessica and placed an order for a new found friend, Marne'.
She sells for the Angel Company but she is a beautiful woman with a golden heart! And I even have three names who are interested in attending the monthly workshops....Woo Hoo! Maybe I will not have to get out of SU afterall......for the present time. I am so wishy washy. One minute I fear my physical being can't deal with it and the next, I really don't want to give up on it. I love the creating, and the fellowship of getting together with my ladies and teaching new techniques. What to do, what to do? On the other hand, being one's own best customer is not a really productive manner in which to conduct business.

And the absolute best part of today, was that my friend Pat, came over and sat with me and visited for an hour or so. We caught up on a lot of news from work and will have breakfast together on the 8th of August at Perkins. Oh it was so nice to see and visit with her again! We've worked together for years but now we are in different buildings and have been for quite some time. She made my heart very happy today!

Well today's card was what we featured at last week's workshop. It's called a Pyramid card and of course I learned the technique from the Technique Junkie newsletter. It's the same design stamped on the same size paper in 5 different colors. The darkest layer becomes your bottom layer, then on each consecutive piece of the pyramid, you cut an equal amount from all four sides of the piece and match the picture to the piece below, in a layered pattern. The cards are so cool in real life. My ladies really enjoyed making the card and it was a great afternoon.

I hear tomorrow will be as nice as today and I hope you all make the most of it! This has been a gorgeous summer in the midwest! That's all for now friends!

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