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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Down the Darkest Road by Tami Hoag...a Review

This was one of the darkest books I’ve read in quite some time.   Sometimes I wonder about my fascination with this type of book and t.v. show.   I must be very depraved myself to read  and watch this stuff.   The book centers around the Lawton family, Lance and Lauren, the parents, and two daughters, Leslie and Leah, aged four years apart.   That in itself was confusing trying to keep straight who we were reading about.   When Leslie turned a rebellious sixteen, she was abducted by a pervert.   Two years later her father, Lance committed suicide by staging a car accident.   Lauren, the mother, all but forgot about her younger daughter, Leah, when she became obsessed with trying to obtain justice for her missing, probably deceased daughter, Leslie.    The bad guy was extremely methodical and careful and clever; the officials were never able to pin anything on him in Leslie’s disappearance.   However, Lauren knew he had done it and she was determined to seek vengeance/justice.   And the saddest part was, who could not relate to how she felt?  Life certainly had treated her dirty.   I didn’t like how she wallowed in her bitterness and how she more or less couldn’t appreciate the fact she still had one daughter left…a daughter that needed her mother.    It was a depressing story, and an ugly tale of perversion, really spelling it out.  I am not sure the ending really salvaged the story for me.


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