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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tall Blondes by Lynn Sherr...a Review

I love animals; in particular, I love horses, dogs, cats and giraffes.  They all have in common beautiful expressive eyes.    This is the second book I have read about giraffes recently and I’ll not read another.   This was a factual account and again there was a lot of history reported, but the most interesting chapter was the first where it listed quick facts.   A giraffe’s tongue is approximately 18” long.   The male reaches a height of 18’ and weighs in at 1.5 tons.   Females are usually around 16’ tall and weigh approximately .5 ton.   They live up to age 30.   Calves are born after a 15 month gestation period and stand 6 ft at birth.   They are also born with horns.  The female usually has two horns, males three and some even have as many as five.   They are gentle giants and do not fight amongst themselves and threaten no other animal, although their hooves can and do become a violent and deadly weapon when fending off an enemy.  They do not have tear ducts, although they have been seen shedding a tear.  There are nine different color patterns.   Although I found the writing dry, I enjoyed the full color pictures.

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