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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noctalus...2 Reviews Virtual Book Blog TOUR STOP

Book 1:  Nocturnal

Ava-Claire Sullivan, is not the normal teen.  She has issues and her favorite place to think and resolve her issues is the cemetery....even late at night.    Her first issue was that the parents took her to a restaurant to tell her, her mom was dying and had six months to live,  bizarre huh?   The second issue was what or who she met that same night in the cemetery.  Scary enough to hear voices coming from one of the  mausoleums in the cemetery and nearly killed by one of two strange beings....Noctalis.     As if this wasn't bad enough, our Ava goes back the next night looking for her cell phone and runs into the one who saved her again.   Thus begins a friendship with Peter that may be the death of her, or him or maybe both.

I really enjoyed this paranormal story.  It's an odd storyline, but it is made real through the writing.  And the characters are great.   Sam Sullivan, Ava's dad, is buried in denial while Claire, her mother, is determined to live life to the fullest for as long as she can and pass on words of wisdom and homemaking  talents to Ava.     Ava had two really close friends, Texas and Jamie, but she didn't share her issues with Texas til late in this first book and then she shared only about Peter with Texas, not the fact that her mother was so close to death.   Jamie had many of his own problems, so she did not share with him.   Peter answered Ava's questions but withheld a lot of what Ava felt was probably pertinent information.   Their growing relationship put Ava in a lot of danger and to protect her, Peter "claimed" her.   I really liked how much Peter and Ava grew to love one another and tried to put the other first.   And I do mean the relationship grew...it was not insta-love.

What is a Noctalis and how did Peter claim Ava and what does that mean to the characters?   Well, you need to read the book for those answers.   It's an interesting tale and a fast read.  I'd love to know what everyone else thinks if you have already read this book.....leave a comment pls.

Book 2 Nightmare:

Nightmare begins with Ava's wanting to share her secret about Peter with her mom,Claire.    Her mom takes the unbelievable bravely and eventually supports her daughter's relationship for Peter for what it is.   I'm sure she would much have preferred that Ava date nice live boys, but what's done is done as far as the claiming and what it entails, so.....Ava also tries to make it right with Jamie Barton, her sports and detention pal.   She shares that her mom is near death and she supports his issues concerning his sister's pregnancy.   Ava and Peter are growing closer together and feeling a strong bond since the claiming.   They can not be apart from each other for long periods of time.  Tex is still pestering Ava for a date with Viktor, Peter's brother.   This almost drives a wedge between the two girls.   And poor Peter, trying to find a way out for Ava and himself is betrayed by a close friend.   Again the characters are so strong in this story that you lose yourself in the story.   The climax of the book comes  when our Ava-Claire and Peter tangle once again with Di, Peter's Noctalis mother.

I just about can't wait til the third book, Numb comes out in August and the last book, Neverend, comes out this winter!   Inquiring minds want to know what's next for young heroes and their family and friends!   And what will happen with Di?  I can tell you what I'd like to have happen to her!

Enjoy the books Peeps.   They really are a compelling read!

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