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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bachelorette Project by Tami Anthony / RABT Tour


Chick Lit / Women's Fiction
Title: The BACHELORETTE Project
Author: Tami Anthony
Date Published: 6/3/12

Synopsis: When an unfortunate twist of fate leaves 28 year-old socialite Leslee Robinson broken-hearted and unemployed, she embarks on a journey to discover what boggles every twenty-something single woman’s mind: What do men REALLY want and how do you find the perfect mate? With the help of her two best friends; Annie, a self-conscious, sarcastic single mother; and Karen, the neurotic, perfectionist ‘bridezilla,’ Leslee creates The BACHELORETTE Project, a ‘scientific’ dating experiment designed to uncover the enigma of the male species. 
After multiple dates gone awry and unanticipated encounters of the extreme, Leslee decides to confide in the last person that she’d ever consider asking dating advice from: Eric, her handsome, womanizing college friend with a well-known ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ reputation. Aside from Eric’s infamous bachelor tactics, Leslee can’t help but to be oddly attracted to him, but will pursuing the charming, ‘bad boy’ philanderer that Eric is even be worth the risk?
With unbelievable twists and a contemporary, comedic Chick-Lit feel, The BACHELORETTE Project is the chronicle of a single woman’s journey to finding true friendship, discovering herself, and learning the enigma of love down to a science.

My Review:

Ok ladies, after having read some serious stuff here of late, I needed today's read in a bad way!   I found our heroine, Leslee Robinson to be a lot like me...In the wrong place at the wrong time.  Lose job.    Heart broken by what she thought was the love of her life.....only Mr. Not....lose boyfriend.   She was all about herself and her fashionista persona until she hit rock bottom.   

 Unlike me she was beautiful and tiny and hysterically funny.   If anything could go wrong for Leslee Robinson, it did.    She did however, have friends.   She left Manhatten for home sweet home in Philadelphia!    When she has enjoyed all the unlikely events you would never expect when dating, she settles into a new job and seems to mellow out and find some contentment within her own skin.   I loved watching that transition take place.   Because when she wasn't demanding her time/her lifemate/all the good stuff from life, the good stuff sort of just happened at its own pace.

Tami's writing was fun and witty.  Her characters fully developed and quirky.  What strange men she met through dating companies, internet dating, 5 minute dating blind dating and pickups at the local bars....can we spell Catastrophe?  It was amazing  as well as her emotional growth within the pages.   I truly enjoyed the story and had many a chuckle as I read.  For a light read with a lot of heart and chuckles, this is the book to read!  Quirky & smart!

Tami Anthony

Author Bio

Tami Anthony is an author, a playwright, and the beautiful mind behind Pink Butterfly Publications, a publishing company devoted to female-driven literature. She is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Theatre Arts. Tami presently resides outside of Philadelphia with her son and is currently working on her second novel and future plays.

Twitter - @tami_anthony

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Guest Post:  How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

Please welcome our guest, Tami Anthony .  Tami will explain how she manages to avoid those rejection blues.

It happens to every author. It’s not kind, it’s not heartwarming, and it doesn’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It’s that thing that new authors expect but never know exactly how it will feel until it happens. It is simply called the rejection blues. But, have no fear, new authors! There are ways that you can overcome these blues and stride on the path to writing success.

I remember my first rejections (yes, that is meant to be plural), and to be brutally honest, it sucked. I sent out query letters and the synopsis of my debut novel to about thirty different agents. When I received my first rejection letter, I just brushed it off and thought, “maybe there is another agent out there for me who believes in my story.” Well, that thought disappeared after about the tenth rejection letter I received (and don’t expect a personal, heartfelt rejection letter either. These rejections come in the form of two sentence, photocopied, heartbreaking strips of paper or very bland, generic emails). But, I didn’t cry or curl up in a corner and avoid society. I overcame my rejection blues by using a few simple steps:

1.      Ranting, raving, and bitching: Yup, I said it. These rejection letters can almost feel as bad as a breakup, so why not rant a little to a friend or a family member? This is your dream and you are allowed to be upset and a little emotional. Just don’t let your hurt feelings stop you from succeeding. Vent, bitch, then get over it.
2.      Improve if necessary: Okay, so maybe your query letter isn’t the best or maybe your work isn’t 100% perfection. There’s always room for improvement. Read your material over, make a few changes, and hit the pavement again.
Find a way(say YES to yourself): Haven’t found an agent to represent you or a publishing company to print your work? Still feeling rejected? Have no fear, my friend, because there are ways for your writing voice to be heard   and one way is to self-publish. If other people tell you ‘no’ and you truly believe that your work should be seen by the public eye, then finally tell yourself ‘yes.’ Find a way to get yourself out there! Say no to rejection and do it yourself. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you have drive and believe in yourself, trust me, you will find a way. Plus, there are plenty of great self-published writers in the literary world and you can be one of them.  
Have that well-deserved glass of wine and celebrate your wonderful accomplishments: You deserve to celebrate because you just wrote a book, or a play, or a short story. Not many people are determined or disciplined enough to complete such a task. Have a glass of wine, celebrate your accomplishments, and PRAISE yourself. Get your mojo back! Don’t let the rejection blues get the best of you. As my mother always tells me, ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ If you are feeling rejected right now, you will find a way to finally be accepted and fulfill your   dream. Keep your head up, always believe in yourself, and give those rejection blues a nice kick in the ass. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

Thank you Tami, I have used the last line myself many times!  LOL

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