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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Swap Ending!

One day, not too long past, I decided to do something I had never ever done before.  I viewed a blog called Sweet Green Tangerine and they were hosting a most fun Book Swap.  Oh my!

I decided to play along and entered my blog information.   I had never done the likes of this before.   But I thought what fun!   So excited was I!

I was partnered with Brighton Joy.  Her blog is at http://www.simplebrighton.com/  .  I found her just as sweet as she could be!  And it was fun her blog to see.

And after some questioning we found...she loved romance and Nora R.
I was thrilled as I could be!

I sent my copy of Chasing Fire (HC) to Brighton Joy.  In exchange
she sent me an e-copy of Neither by Chelsea C...
                                              I was delighted and so was she!

                                              So thanks for sponsering, Sweet Green Tangerine!
                                              Twas so much fun participating!



Jessica Bucher said...

Hehe :) Love this. Glad you enjoyed the swap.

Megan said...

So glad you enjoyed the swap! We'll definitely have to do it again some day. :)

Jo Lane said...

I loved the Boow swap! It was so much fun! I am following you back Darlin! :)