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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dangerous Past by A F Ebbers/PICTour Review and Giveaway

Airline Captain Frank Braden and his wife Nicole are suddenly stalked by professional assassins who have a deadline to make their deaths look like an accident or a suicide. And the couple doesn't know why they are being targeted. They don't realize that they stand in the way of a deadly conspiracy. Little by little they are pulled into a dangerous web of intrigue by a murderous criminal network that deceptively offers the pilot his wife's life if he will concede to their demands. This is a thriller that rocks the highest levels of Washington. 

Dangerous Past is a story of a man who must choose between doing what ought to be done or keeping his family alive by allowing a murderous and powerful VIP to escape his past.


“In Ebbers’ debut thriller, a commercial pilot and his wife are framed by a murderous criminal network. The author writes with breezy energy and is consistently at his best when describing scenes of suspenseful intrigue. Frank and his wife Nicole, emerge as a heroic pair. These two steal the show.
     Spirited, readable debut with extra points for plot and pacing...KIRKUS REVIEWS

The Best Books Award Finalist was awarded in the annual contest by USA Book News in 2008.
The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)  Bronze Medal for Thriller/Mystery  award in their annual contest in 2010.

 My Review: 

I absolutely love a great mystery/suspense novel that sucks you in and captivates you through to the bitter end.  Dangerous Past definitely did just that!  And after reading the author info below, I question if this book could be truth or fiction as the author and pilot Frank Braden appear to have much in common.  (But that is beside the point, here).  The story is fluent and moves along quite nicely, starting with the present day and a bomb being planted in Frank's plane and it's explosion mid air, taking the life of a crew member.   Frank was under suspicion of having loaded the bomb himself for suicide purposes.   From there we launch into a past story going back to his tour of duty in Viet Nam.   He was involved with the CIA and uncovering drug shipments using US military planes.   He encountered one Captain Fenton heading up the illegal activities who is now a four star general being considered for the position in the Joint Chiefs of Staff; obviously he does not  want his reputation tarnished with his past.  But can the maniacal General keep Frank Braden from talking?   Wow,  it is one thing after another as the story unfolds.     It was phenomenally believable and absolutely took me back in time as we saw news reports from Viet Nam and the activities that did occur in that far distant land.   Mystery, suspense and a touch of psycho thriller, all rolled into one great story and plot.
It is a compelling story and the characters are well developed !  If you like mystery/suspense and a touch of maniacal, you will love this read!   I hope Mr Ebbbers continues to write....I'd certainly like to read another of his books and see where he takes the reader next time!

A. A. F. Ebbers, a journalism graduate of Ohio University was a reporter/writer for major newspapers, ad agencies, and in public relations for Cessna Aircraft Company. He also graduated from Army Flight School and flew for the Ohio and Kansas Army National Guards. Later he was called to active duty and served two flying tours in Vietnam. After retirement from the military, he flew for corporations and for regional airlines. A dual rated ATP pilot, he has written for numerous national magazines, Sunday supplements and trade and travel magazines and has written screenplays and short stories. Today he lives with his wife in the Austin, Texas area and, when not writing, enjoys tennis, golf, flying and piano. Dangerous Past is his debut novel.

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