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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Neither by Chelsea Cameron/ Review

I received this e-book from my book swap partner Brighton Joy at
Thanks so much Brighton!

Neither is the third book of the Noctalis Chronicles by Chelsea M Cameron.
I had previously read and reviewed Nocturnal and Nightmare and I did want to keep up with the series.
So I was delighted when I received the e-copy.

Now for my review:

I really enjoyed the premise of books one and two. and the story goes forward in book three with the introduction of a new character, Brooke.   Ivan had changed her.   This confused me as I thought he had already died or dissolved himself in book two.   I believe Brooke's transition was a back story, but it was confusing.  Supposedly, Ivan had sent her to seek Ava and keep an eye on her for him.  But when Ivan departed from Brooke and didn't return, Brooke became interested in another individual, Ava's friend Jamie.   And she didn't really know why she was to find Ava.    Other new characters were introduced as well, Helena and her parents from India.   I really didn't understand the introduction of Helena's parents as they were an insignificant addition to the characters and had only a minor role in the book.

Again, the main characters were well developed and strong.   But of the three books thus far, this was the weakest of the lot.  There was a lot of repetition of how Ava and Peter cared for each other, which we already knew from the previous books.   And no spoiler here, the terminally ill, Claire(mom), did die in this addition.   That I thought was very well written and executed.   Jamie and Brooke's encounters were interesting as was Helena's story.

I am so ready to read the last book in the series, NeverEnd, which should be out in Spring 2013!!
I have many questions I want answered.   Will Ava really be turned immortal?  What will happen with Texas and Vicktor?   What about Jamie...how will his story end or has it already?   How about Vicktor's bind?   Well I look forward to spring 2013---unless the world ends on 12-21-12; I say that tongue in cheek.

What did you think about the third in the series?   We can talk!

I give Neither a 3 out 5 winks
;D    ;D    ;D  

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