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Friday, December 28, 2012

I hate Cell Phones by Mike Ronny/ Short story review

I was contacted by Mike Ronny and asked to review his short story.   Considering I hate phones of all kinds, I could readily agree to read this short.   After 31 and  1/2 years in a customer service area, I think you can understand my sentiments.

This short story was about an old man, alone except for a son and a brother, nearing the end of his time and having to accept the changes being made for him on his behalf.  He wasn't a pleasant person and resented change and I found this main character easy to relate to.   Things that he encountered in the story are things that all older folks are faced with, although how we react may be entirely different.

Mr Ronny presented a believable short story, with a very well developed main character.   It was at times humorous and then again sad.   It was very thought provoking.   I enjoyed it and yet, I didn't enjoy it.   For me it was a very real dilemma.  I appreciated the opportunity to read and review.

This was a read and review that I offered with no payment or influence from the author.   These are my words and my thoughts.   I was not compensated in any fashion.

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