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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts.....

I hope I will not be crucified by all the authors whose books I have read and for the most part loved.   You are awesome writers and I hope someday to be numbered in your ranks.   With that being said. I'd like to know what my Peeps think of trilogies these days.

I am truly disappointed.   I like a book to tell the entire story from start to finish.   I want to know what happened when I close the cover that last time and not be left hanging.    As a reader I really feel short changed to read part 1 and maybe it's 150 pages......part two comes out at less than 100 pages and part three is maybe 120 pages.   Why couldn't this have been one book at approximately 370 pages or so?   Was it really necessary to make it a trilogy?   Was it cost effective for the writer to do so?   And if so, why?   It certainly irked me to pay for three installments to be told a complete story, which could have made a great book as one book.

Now, I am not talking about a series of books like Harry Potter.    Those books and books like them tell a stand alone story with characters who have much more to tell in subsequent stories.  I accept that and I enjoy a series that can move on with more.    But I want each one to tell me a story.....I want believable characters, a strong story line that culminates to the climax and then ends with an acceptable and believable ending--that puts that story to bed.

Am I   the only one that feels cheated by some of these trilogies that leave us hanging with so little meat to any one part of said trilogy?   It's sad enough, when a part two or three falls short of the expectation built in part one.   That happens too and it's very disappointing to the reader.

Now I'm speaking to my own writing and maybe that's where my problem lies.   I want to write from beginning to end, tell my story from start to finish and maintain the passion I have for the story throughout the book..   I want my story fully developed and shaped into something the reader sees in their minds eye and in their heart.   I want them to be fully satiated when they close the cover for the last time.   I don't want them left hanging, wondering if there will be more and if my fervor will be there as it was with the first.

There are writers who can pull off a trilogy; who can sustain their level of passion and create three works that are well developed and comprise three parts to the whole.   I would not enjoy reading a thousand page volume and can understand why a trilogy might be necessitated. 

Maybe it's a case of each to their own, but over the last couple of years I have determined to be much more choosy about anything called a trilogy being added to my to be read pile.   Just wondering how other readers feel about this and would love to hear from anyone with a comment to share, be ye reader or author.   And I pray I have not offended anyone.   It's just my humble opinion!

Let me hear from you!

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