Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” —Groucho Marx

Friday, November 1, 2013

What I read in October

Hello my Peeps and good morning to all of you!   The sun is shining and I just finished reading my 94th book of this year!    My goal is to complete 120 or more books in 2013 and I think  can do it!  My mom and I challenged each other this year and so I will be quite interested in how we compare our reading at the end of this year.   She loves romance and reads shorter # of pages than I read, but it's a love we share,  reading!   I love to challenge my grandsons in their reading pursuits as well.

What I read in November is pictured below.

A murder mystery that is a little cheeky!

Two sweet and saucy Christmas romance stories!   I love Christmas!     These reviews will be posted during the month of , make that December please!

A Historical Romance set in England during WWI and from the perspective of a modern thinking woman....very interesting.

A very good Sci-Fi/Adventure tale.

The second installment of Jen Minkman's Island tales...great fiction read that made me think what if?

Probably the most heart pounding and reflective pychological thrillers I have read this year.   The Preservationist felt like a bucket of cold water hitting me in the face.   And I mean in a good way---a very gripping read!

This is the reading I like to do, variety.   Reading can take me places I couldn't go any other way.  I love to be warm and fuzzy and  love a good mystery.   I love my reading to challenge my thoughts and beliefs and on occasion a well written thriller, can do exactly that, thrill!   I thank God for eyes that can still see and read the written word.   I hope your next month will cause you to 'feel" and reflect as you read books you can enjoy!

Happy November my friends!

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