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Monday, September 1, 2014

August Reading Recap

August???   What did you do to me?    Unusually hot and humid, but the week of the State Fair, the temps and humidity weren't as high as expected.    Following, it has become almost unbearable for those of us who are eternally grateful for technology and air conditioning!

Luckily for me, I was able to read and read, I did!   Macomber's book below is one of those two-fers.  Two full length Christmas books were contained therein and so if you count it for two, I finished 14 books this month.   And of course the Christmas reads will be expounded upon in December and the twenty five days of Christmas reviews and short stories.    And as you know, we are approaching the month of cheer and Good News faster than ever!


Mainly I focused in August on some of my 300 kindle reads in my TBR pile!   One of the first I read was Sarah Sundin's A Distant Melody.    It was a world War II Christian Romance and I enjoyed it tremendously....a very satisfying read.

I was also fortunate to be able to read two of Bette Lee Crosby's books, novellas or shorter stories.  I loved her memoir in Blueberry Hill.    I will be posting the review of A Home in Hopeful in September.  I absolutely love Bette Lee's stories as she shares her heart and thoughts with her readers.

Cape Maybe and Just This Once were nice fun romance reads!  Very enjoyable and helped me to relax just a bit!

And then I took a ride into the paranormal/YA/ fantasy realm with Shelly Crane's Significance and Addison Moore's Ethereal.   These were read back to back and Significance took a strong lead in the appreciation of the stories.

Then a trip to the dark side with The Keeper by Luke Delaney.   It was a very dark thriller!

Tuesday's Child by Dale Meyer was also a thriller, with lots of spook factor (paranormal) and blood, but it also held a nice little romance within the covers.

Nancy Straight is an excellent writer and her Meeting Destiny was a great paranormal/romance story.
M Leighton's really short Book One in the Madly series was a great invitation to continue on with her series.  It more or less wet the appetite for a paranormal Mer(maid/man) story.   These reviews will also occur in September.

This was how reading went for me in August.    Since I can't take the heat outside the house, I'll settle for the heat within the covers of the books.   LOL

Stay safe and get ready for your Autumn reads!

Miss Beth

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