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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I've Never Met an Idiot on the River by Henry Winkler...a Review

This was a short memoir on fishing, photography and family written by the former Fonz, Henry Winkler!   I bought the book for my son for Christmas with the stipulation  I be allowed to borrow it and read it after he finished.   A book about fishing in and of itself would never entice me to it’s pages, but I am so glad I read this one.   The writing came straight from the heart of Winkler and his personality exuded through the written word. Full of humor and wisdom, Winkler spoke to my heart.   I could feel his excitement at
learning to fish and then to fly fish.   I heard his joy in his connection to the great western outdoors.    I felt his pride of family.    He is one content man.   His career is successful and life is good.

Did you know Winkler had a learning disability and did not excel in school?   HE was dyslexic.  He now speaks to schools and children about being able to overcome whatever holds them back!  The book was positive, motivational, and happy.   It could be rated up there with the best motivational material on the planet…just a different approach.   I enjoyed this read tremendously….I found it uplifting and I liked the glimpse into Henry Winkler’s life.   I am so very glad he shared!

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