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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Novels, News and Notes from Your Northwest Neighbors FYI

Do you enjoy reading about book events and love seeing pictures taken at them?  Do you live in the Pacific NW, or even just love some authors that do?  Maybe you enjoy reading reviews/interviews/guest posts/giveaways and other goodies featuring authors from the Pacific NW?  And last of all, do you live in the Portland, Oregon or surrounding area and are looking for a YA book club?
The gals at Novels, News and Notes from Your Northwest Neighbors are looking for readers!  You do not have to live in the area to read the blog featuring the fabulous authors that we have in this corner of the world, they do not discriminate!  And right now they are giving away 3 fabulous prize packs featuring two awesome Pacific NW authors.  Go here to find out what you can win. 
Some (this is NOT a full list yet!) of the fabulous authors that you will find featured on Novels, News and Notes are:

Holly Cupala, Joelle Anthony, Stasia Kehoe, Lisa Schroeder, Colleen Houck, Kimberly Derting, Lisa Burstein, Inara Scott, April Henry, Maureen McQuerry, Cat Patrick, Conrad Wesselhoeft and many, many more.

Good Luck!!


Candace said...

Thank you SO MUCH for helping spread the word! I'll follow you back, of COURSE! ;)

Unknown said...

You are so welcome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds exciting!!! What are some significant works of these authors? Because truthfully, I'm ashamed to say that I have yet to read any of them before >.<

Thanks for dropping by my blog and following, I'm not a proud new follower of your blog!


Unknown said...

I linked over to their northwest site and read about the books they are offering as a giveaway and they sound interesting. I am not read up on these authors either, but I am sure I will be trying these books out. Always looking for new authors to read...Thanks for stopping by and following!

Kristyn said...

I am a new follower from the BSN and I just wanted to say Hi. Come visit my blog if you want


Kate said...

Hi! I got your message on Blogaholics and checked out your blog! I followed. I would love it if you could check out mine to!

Kate @ http://readingunderthewillowtree.blogspot.co.uk/

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!

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Best Wishes!
Mia @ The Muses Circle

Ann Jones said...

I grew up in Seattle :) New follower from blogaholic, I look forward to your future posts!


Unknown said...

Kristyn, Kate, Mia and Frugal in WV....thank you so so much! I appreciate your follows so very much and I am now following all of you through GFC as lucyatmax! Thanks again!

Kai Grafia said...

Hi! Im visiting from BSN! Really nice blog! :)) Followed you, mind following back?


Unknown said...

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Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. Thanks for the blog visit. I also appreciate your fascination for books cuz I used to be a bookworm before I got hooked up with the internet for good. But I miss the smell of freshly bought books from the mall.

Unknown said...

I think that as a group, we readers are quirky and fascinating! I just love it! Thanks for following!

Unknown said...

I am your SOUTHWEST neighbor, writing from the desert and now following you



Unknown said...

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