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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catalyst by Shelly Crane...a review

Good Morning Peeps!

Ready for my review of the third book in Shelly Crane's series Collide?   I just finished it and you know, I really hate the words....."This is the end for now."    LOL

The battle raged on in book three and so many close calls....betrayal in the midst of the ranks, fighting the lighters, finding the new folks  who are loner bands of rebels.....and loving.  The ever growing band of rebels, work hard, fight hard, and love hardBut if I divulge much I will spoil the plot and the story, so I will divulge only this; if you love the good guys, you will hate the bad guys!  And I assure you, you will love the good guys.   To say they are a virtual band of misfits is fitting, but more so, true to our countries roots, they are more a melting pot coming together to save themselves and their freedom!

I absolutely adore what I have read so far.  The story is engrossing and moves fluidly and it sticks with you way after the, "This is the end for now".

Have a happy reading day my Peeps...I'm off for I think, the final installment, Revolution!!

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