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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Uprising by Shelly Crane...a Review

Well, I am hooked on this series!   I couldn't stop reading these books if I wanted to ....I need resolution!!  In a world that is in chaos due to the Lighters compelling Humans to believe their story that keepers and rebellious humans are the problem and the Lighters are the salvation of the planet, our growing band of Keepers and their charges, continue to survive with minimal loss of life. In the first book, Collide, a baby was born in their midst and a three year old girl was rescued from abusive parents, casting Merrick and Sherry into parental roles.

Uprising continues the saga and the adventure.    Continual run ins with the Lighters and the Markers.  Cain finally meets the woman of his dreams and breaks his daydreams of Sherry.   The group loses three more and one of those is a Keeper.   An unlikely friendship develops in the midst of battle with an Enforcer.   And Lillian, Cain and the Enforcer can not believe that one of the Lighters, Daniel, helps them escape certain death!

This series has it all, love, romance, betrayal, friendship, action and adventure!  I must move on to Catalyst now!    Keep your eyes out for me Peeps!    If I disappear, the Lighters may have me!

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