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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I Actually Read in April

Greetings Peeps!   I am obviously so far behind in my reading goals.    Averaging eight novels a month, I am never going to accomplish my goal of 150 books this year.    But that is ok.   I am certainly enjoying the novels I read and that is the most important thing for me.

This month I finished the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.    As usually happens with a trilogy, The first book in the series was the strongest, the middle book somewhat lacking from the first and the third again picked up strength similar to the first.   In Allegiant, pg 372 last paragraph was my favorite verbaige in the whole series.   Tris stated what I feel speaks of me and my deceased hubby's relationship.   The series is indeed worth the read, especially if you're into dystopian.
The Fault in Our Stars was an excellent read about a girl who lived with cancer and how she met and fell in love with her first true love.  I felt like I lived those pages with her, and beware, it is a tear jerker!

MYSTERY THRILLERS:    I read three this month.   Cold Sacrifice, Code of the Hills, and No One Else Can Have You.   All three were decidely different and quite enjoyable as well as thought provoking.

ROMANCE:  My Life Next Door  was a sweet love story and Circle of Redemption was a collaborative work between three friends who are all authors writing different styles and genres.  Three authors, three stories of love and romance.

I really had a great reading month in April.   Hope you all pick up some of these books and enjoy them as much as I did!

Happy Reading!


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