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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey--A Review

I love Christmas and I enjoy reading, thus my 26 days of Christmas Blog in December.   I hope you will enjoy the reviews of the Christmas stories I read this year and find a few you may enjoy reading yourself.   This is my Christmas present to you.  Quite possibly I'll give away a Christmas book or a Holiday gift card or two!   Woo Hoo!


All she wants is a perfect Christmas Eve wedding...

It's been on Anna's wish-list since she was a little girl, dreaming of a far happier family life than she'd ever experienced.

But now - only two weeks before her big day - her perfect husband-to-be drops a bombshell...

Only nothing's going to stop Anna's plans - not even the pesky inconvenience of discovering her groom already has a wife!

From My Perspective:

I rated Scarlett Bailey's Married By Christmas  as 5 Wink Read.

I very much enjoyed the rather predictable story line and Bailey's ease in tying the whole story together.It was a humorous read with lots of laugh out loud moments, which enabled the story to be very entertaining.

The characters were unique and quite quirky, especially Anna.    Anna had experienced a devastating childhood which shaped her adult life with insecurities that were deeply rooted.    Now, yes I could see how her self deprecation could get on the nerves of the reader, but I also felt her fears could result in just such behavior as Bailey described.   Anna had become prim and proper in an attempt to never succumb to the mistakes her mother had made.   Her life must be perfect in order to remain in control at all times.  She was totally unprepared to live life by the seat of her pants and enjoy it in the moment.

That is until she made a trip to New York City in search of the wanton woman her Tom had married eight years previously and who he also had failed to mention until one week before their perfect Christmas wedding.   Tom, I felt, lacked some good morals in his foolish younger days.    By far and away, the best character in the story was Miles, who had a wise soul, although he could be annoying in his own right.

I am probably not as sophisticated as some readers, but for me a tale of fiction does not have to be a believable situation, just enjoyable and easy to read.  With Bailey's humor throughout the book, I certainly had no problem laughing along with the enjoyable characters!

This was a book I purchased for my personal kindle collection.   My review is my humble opinion and my own thoughts and words.   I love to read and I seldom meet a book I don't like. 



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