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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Third Grade Elation/Rapid Deflation by Beth Cutwright

Mom Went to work at an office when I was eight years old.  With Dad being a farmer, we five kids, were able to stay home under his watchful care.   For the most part, we would be in school most of the time.

School, where you bond with all the other munchkins in the land.  A child learns their social skills and the natural pecking order of things by being introduced to and integrated into the school system.    Aaah yes, a wonderful place.

My third grade Christmas was really special.   Although I was a tomboy and as previously mentioned, I did not have a natural passion for dollys, I received for my third grade Christmas the best doll I ever owned.   It was a wonder.   I do not remember if I asked for this doll.   I assume I must have asked for her...knowing me, probably begged for her.

Anyway, I received a beautiful blonde, blue eyed Chatty Cathy, and she could talk!!!  She wore a beautiful turquoise pinafore with a crisp white eyelet top and for the first time, I really liked this doll!  For two years she held the top doll award in my life!

When it was time to go back to school, I was so proud to tell my friends I had received a Chatty Cathy for Christmas,,,that is, I was proud until my friend said, "my five year old sister got a chatty Cathy doll too...That's for little kids.   I got a Barbie!"

I immediately wanted a Barbie.

However, Chatty and I had great fun on the farm.   We claimed an abandoned hog house for our doll house and we had empty cake mix boxes and cereal boxes in there for our groceries.   We had dishes and a stroller of some sort.   She was very much played with!

I always wondered whatever happened to Chatty.   I figured I had been a careless mother and left her in the converted doll house or the barn.   I never suspected the evil that had  befallen her.

Years later I was to learn from (W.H.O.) that poor Chatty had been missiled from the hay loft at the merciless hands of those four brothers of mine.   Hmmm...

I guess it could have been worse.   If not Chatty it could have been the baby brother.

Hope your Christmas was great!

Miss Beth!

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