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Monday, December 1, 2014

November Reading Recap

November proved to be a fast paced month, but not necessarily for reading.    Seemed like the month rolled in and out again, practically within the blink of my weary eyes!  I was able to read three fantasy type books.   With my grandson, Noah's, challenge I finished the Fellowship of the Ring and began The Two Towers, but I am still working on that.   Then I read Winter's Legacy by Andre Alan and found that to be a fast moving action packed, sci-fi, fantasy read. And lastly in the fantasy realm, I read Jen Minkman's Sound of Sirens.   They were all good books to read and I was glad to read them.    However, I have to admit the fantasy battle reads are not really my favorite genre.

Then I went into my young adult and adult contemporary reads where I feel much more comfortable.
I finished another copy of If I Stay and finished that series with Gayle Forman's, Where She Went.  These were fast and fun reads!

And then a real treat to myself was Shauna Allen's Burnout.    As you should already know, Shauna is one of my all time favorite authors.   It is a prequel to the Jack 'em up series and although short, as prequels are, I enjoyed it immensely!

Last but not least was a Christmas read by Sherryl Woods, which had such a stubborn main character, I can't say I was enthralled by this Christmas book.    I think I was actually mad at the book.   LOL

Anyway, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.   I enjoyed being with my mother, my children and grandchildren and we had some excellent food that day.    Seems like most of the month I was under the weather in one way or another, so I am not sad to see November end and December begin.   I do
hope we have little to no snow until right around the time Christmas arrives.   May you be truly blessed in this season of good tidings!

Merry Christmas to all!

Ms Beth

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