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Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Reading Review

December was a very slow reading month for me.   I wanted to plow through The Two Towers and onto other reading, but that was not to be.    You don't plow through anything Lord of the Rings.....It's impossible.    But I did complete the book at hand and I am enjoying the series.   Anxiously awaiting my trip to the library for book #4.

OMG, Gooseberry Island by one of my favorite authors is a must read.    It is such an awesome book and the publishers are donating $1.00 for each preorder of the book purchased from now through January 31st.    Donations are being made to the Wounded Warrior Project plus an ebook given for each purchase to returning soldiers.  If this book about PTSD affects returning vets as it did me, hopefully many lives can be saved.    A very worthy read.


December Kiss finished up my twenty-five days of Christmas reading this year.    This was a very enjoyable and fun Christmas read straight from Katie Mettner's heart.

And I finished up my December reading with Down Solo, suspense tale!

And the high light of my month was being a beta reader for the first time.   I read Crank by Shauna Allen due to be released in late January.   No cover photo at this time, but something to definitely look forward to in January folks!

So only five this month, but they were great reads nonetheless!

Happy New Year Everyone and may 2015 be a great year for your reading purposes!

Miss Beth

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