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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's been a little while....

Oh they should say bad luck follows me everywhere! LOL!
Can I tell you how many different CPU's I have had since April; how many times I have had to kill my system and reload it? Well, not me actually....the Miff Man does this for me....I have no patience! Groan of (frustration). Finally I have my scanner back and finally I can upload scans of my cards! Woo Hoo!

This card was done using Stampin Ups Asian Artistry set (dragonfly), Embrace Life (white flowers on the pink cardstock), and (grass) from the Inspired By Nature stamp set. The focal point of the card is from ISC's Women Around the World II, as is the layout of the card. It's ISC's July challenge and with your entry, you are eligible to win one stamp sheet from ISC if you used an ISC image with other stamps, or two ISC stamp sheets if you use only ISC images. I thought I would try my hand at it....I love their stamps and have an insatiable need for more......ok, I've just proved it, I am not playing with a full deck.....everybody happy now? Confession is good for the soul or so they say.
Anyhow, my next activity will be to upload the card to ISC's challenge. With that task I have not met with success! I call this card Lady of Grace.

Anyway, life goes on and change is inevitable. My best friend from work, Jeanne, will be retiring in August. She was my first real friend I made at the Blues when I first started, (working on 31 years now). She was preggers with her Bether and I was preggers with my Mikey. Oh we had big plans for these babies from the time they arrived. We were just sure they were going to be our connection to being family, but as they grew, they decided to have minds of their own and our plans were not to be. Deep sigh. I just don't know if I can continue to work without my friend there........wish I could also retire....a seed has been planted and I'd sure like to do it. Anyway, I am very excited for her.....can you believe it, she doesn't really care for horses and I just love her like a sister! :)

Just a few thoughts.....

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miffer said...

While change is hard it is important to experance and grow from. Just think how you would feel if nothing changed. Sameness has it's price too.