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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Redheads are Soulless by Heather M White

First of all, is this not the most beautiful cover design?  It was designed by Heather of SupaGurl.   Our main character, Sofia is beautiful, but is obviously very unaware of it.   I do not know how that happens.   I have a friend whose daughter is beautiful and she doesn't realize it either;   it just makes her more awesome!    I fear if I had the good looks, I would know it and be totally unattractive as a result.   But moving on..

Sophia Black was the school outcast at her high school.   During her senior year, she sought anonymity.  She had lost her father when she was ten and as a result, had to care for her mother, Sarah Black...an alcoholic drug addict.   Sophia's life was not pretty by any means.

One day, Sophia's life encountered a change when Jason Morgan entered school and sought her out.  Her self esteem was so low, it took time for Jason's friendship to win her trust, but eventually she allowed him in.  Just when life appeared to be changing for the better, Jason's twin Robbie showed up and Robbie wanted her dead, or did he?  With these two brothers Sophia learned a lot of strange things.....about her father's death, about who or what she really was, and who these twins were... which one was the good brother? Which was the bad? 

The Storyline was interesting and the book moved along at a nice pace.   Sofie ended up with the brother I wanted her to, but I felt like this book could have been much more.  I did not feel the characters were developed fully.  This was book #1 in a trilogy and I look forward to book #2.    It's a trilogy full of potential and my interest is quite piqued!  I would recommend.    I based my review on an ARC copy of the book.   This book will be released tomorrow.

Til later Peeps, keep those peepers reading!!


Kim~madeinaday said...

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Rachel said...

Hi Beth! I am following you back. I agree, there is so much more that could have been included in this story to make it more memorable.

Unknown said...

Hello Beth am following back,I think the story is cool

Unknown said...

It is a fun read for sure!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the cover too! That is always my go to hair color for me!
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