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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fever by Lauren DeStefano....a review SPOILERS

From my library to yours, it's a wonderful book to read and review and remember!  As always, my opinion is strictly mine from my pleasure of the book I am reviewing.   So please take it for what it is...my opinion.

Second in the Chemical Garden Trilogy, Fever is Rhine Ellery's escape to freedom with her friend Gabriel.   There is a phrase, be careful what you wish for, it could happen and be worse than where you were.   And that is what happens to them.  Once they leave the boat and commence walking, they come upon a Madame and her carnival of Ladies.   Madame plans to use Rhine and Gabriel to display to her male customers...they can watch but not touch....eeeeewww!   And then the truth surfaces, the Madame expects to sell Rhine to the highest bidder.  One offer is botched and then Housemaster Vaughn shows up. so with help from not so committed and concerned friends from within the carnival, Rhine and Gabriel are able to escape with Maddie, a malformed child in tow.   Madame would kill the child if she saw her again.   There is help from others and hindrances too, but they finally make it to Manhatten where they find Rhine's memories of home have not withstood the test of time.   The place has been burned and Rowan has taken what he felt he needed as he set out to find his missing sister.   Rhine finds Maddie's grandmother who takes them all in as long as they will  help with her orphanage.   They are safe, but Rhine succumbs to a fever and she feels as if she's dying.  Well, guess what...although they are safe and Rhine is sick,   Vaughn finds her once again and "persuades " her to come with him willingly....back to her home with them in Florida.

This second in the series seems a bit darker yet than Wither.   We learn of Vaughn's evil ways and they are more wicked than we first realized.  We also get the first taste of Rhine and Gabriel's affections and stirrings for more than just friendship for one another.   And we know someone she seeks still lives.

As I live and breathe peeps, my impatience is completely awakened and I want to read book three!   And I don't want to wait......but I will, wait helplessly, with baited breath yada yada yada.  I really love this series and if you want to escape into a fantasy for a weekend, read Wither and then read Fever.   They will take you away from here!  

The third in the series is SEVER and due to be published February 1, 2013....that's only seven months and counting!  :)

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