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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interview with SupaGurl

Good Morning Peeps!  I thought I would do something a little different today, especially since I have  several changes coming up.   One of the more fun changes for me is becoming your local friendly blog virtual book tour host.   What is that you ask?  Let me share with you.  A virtual book tour host receives an advanced reader copy (ARC) of the book, reads it, reviews it and blogs about it...hopefully in a favorable blog post in order to promote sales  for an upcoming release or newly released book.

With that in mind, I thought you might like to learn about a virtual book tour organizer...is it a bird?  a Plane?   NO, it's SUPAGURL!   Without further adieu, let the interview begin:

Tell us a little about your education Heather and did it prepare you to be SupaGurl?

Hey Beth! Well, I graduated High School and took Graphic Design while there. I loved it. I never did anything with school for this kinda stuff after that. *although i did go to be a Surgical Technician* I basically played around with several programs Photoshop and GIMP and self taught my-self :) That is always the best way to do things I think.
How and when you decided to add virtual blog tours to your blog?

My SupaAwesome Author friend Taryn Browning called me and was like here was what I was thinking... and it went from there! I did her a tour, then I started getting a request or two. Taryn actually helped talk me into it, and that is how I began... So I can say Thank you so much to her!
How many tours do you put together in any given month? Maximum you’ve held? Do you limit how many per month?

When I started ... I didn't have a plan in place for any of that LOL... Now though I do it based on how busy I KNOW my bloggers are. The most I have had going in one month is 3 so far *That is ALOT of work for just me* So for the future I am going to limit it to at most 3 a month.
Your blog site tells us you aren’t real organized, but you really have to be for the tours, right? How do you keep up with them all?
Well... until I started this tour stuff... NO I wasn't organized at all! Now though I have to be. I have to keep ALL the emails I get they are kept in special folders. Google Calendar is a life saver! plus the dates are put there and the blog page for the tour. I have back ups of back ups LOL
Do you often fill up on tour hosts and run out of dates? Have to turn folks away?

Well, I have a lot of tour hosts...they are all SupaAmazing too. As far as the tours... some of them fill up quickly and others take awhile it depends all on 1. the book itself 2. how busy my hosts are. I haven't had to turn any away yet. Authors are amazing and really great to work with, some have pushed their tour back a month so that we could work it in.
Do you still find it fun or does it get tedious?

I love this! still .... if it gets tedious, I will stop for awhile b/c I don't want it to become like work.... ya know :)
Do you have plans to write a book yourself? After rubbing elbows with authors, has the desire to write rubbed off on you?

I would really like too, I have an idea and I've been playing with it, but I have WAY too much going on. I have a husband, two kids *10 and 6* a full time job that I work 57 hours a week at, bloggy things, plus the tour stuff. *Thud*
Now, a lot of folks have commented on the cover for Redheads Are Soulless by Heather M White, which was designed by you. It really is awesome. How did that come about?

Well, Heather has become a really good friend and she was looking for someone so I offered. We spent WEEKS looking for the right picture and we found so many that looked good. Then I came across the one on the cover and messed around with it in my photo editing stuff and tada you have the cover!
Have you done other book covers for other writers and if so, what books were they for? (Can you send pictures maybe)

I have :) I worked with Taryn on Dark Return *below* I love this one too! I also did the Whispering Hills cover with Taryn *below*

What other art do you do?
I do Banners and such... but before all this I did fan art for Supernatural *the show* and tons of others :) I will show you a few of them ....

Heather, I can not thank you enough for joining us and allowing us to peep at your creativity!   Good luck with your Virtual Book blog Tours!   


I have found Heather awesome to work with and my first tour host post with her will be posted July 10th.    Something to look forward to!   Thank you again SupaGurl!  You are AMAZING!


Tiffany Price said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. Great work on the interviewing.

Unknown said...

thank you Tiffany!