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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Greatest Clicks- A Dog Photographer's Best Shots by Mark J Asher

What a delight to get a free kindle copy of this lovely dog book through Pixel of Ink.  Although it was a short book and mostly pictures, I smiled more than once during this 91 page tribute to beautiful dogs!      You can tell the author loves and values dogs and the comforts they provide to their people!    Whether they were dressed for a shot or in the more natural settings the photos are sure to warm your heart.

 Here's another photo sure to warm your heart, our dog Max, going for a car ride.   Tell me he doesn't know what the arm rest is for.   Apparently he has paid attenttion to his people!!  Our Max is a seven year old chow, lab mix and he is pretty awesome too.

Anyway, this author has several dog photo books available .   Check out Mark J Asher on Amazon or Barnes and NobleI am sure they will make you smile!

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Unknown said...

How adorable! He is a beautiful dog!
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Renee said...

Great blog, Beth! Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

Unknown said...

Thank you Ladies! I appreciate your follows!