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Monday, June 18, 2012

WooHoo it's Monday What Are you Reading Monday

Good Morning Peeps!   Hope you've all enjoyed the first morning caffeine and have started the week with zest!
This is the first time I have participated with Sheila's (Book Journey) meme, What Are You Reading Monday!  I have three books started and I much prefer only one at a time...but when the TBR pile is taller than you are, it requires desperate measures.   Hey that would be a great title...Desperate Measures????
Currently reading Chelsea Cameron's Nightmare, YA paranormal read about Noctalis and a girl, (Ava) who has befriended and been claimed by Peter, the Noctalis.   Also reading hard back books of Sara Jio, The Bungalow, and Kate Atkinson's, Started Early Took My Dog.   This latter book by Atkinson may take til December to finish...it's been extremely hard for me to follow; as I started it in mid May.

Oh and my little contest with the passage which I posted 061412 is closed.  The passage came from Started Early Took my Dog, which I knew would be hard, but I guess I thought someone would go out to Goodreads and try to solve they mystery....Sorry about that.   I promise not to be so obscure with the next contest I offer!

Thank you Parajunkie  Feature and Follow Friday!!   I think I received at least 27 new followers.....AWESOME!!    And welcome  new followers!    I appreciate your follows and am so happy to make new friends!

Today, I won a giveaway through Sallie's Book Reviews and More and Sherri Thomas, author of Mad About Maddie...a contemporary western romance.   I love giveaways!   Thank you ladies!  Much Appreciated!   You've made my Monday lovely!    I may be too young to be reading this...Lol!

Have a fun week Peeps; I hope you're able to read as much as your
peepers want to!


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