Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” —Groucho Marx

Saturday, June 9, 2012

knock knock...is anybody home?


A good book and man's best friend...who could ask for anything more?   Ok, add a comfy chair and a large iced tea and I would be set for the day!  I think I want my own reading room....lovely.

I think I'm now up to 160 followers through GFC...never thought I would have that many.    But now that I have them, what do I do with them?    There needs to be a comment per comment thing.    I don't know if anyone is reading this blog  and originally I was blogging for me myself and I only anyway.

Hello?   Is anybody out there in cyberspace?    If you happen to stop by my way....leave me a comment and if you leave your blog address, I'll not only follow but leave you a comment too!   I would love some feedback from my peeps if I have any.   And if not, then I guess it's back to me myself and I.

Really, I am not whining....although I am not beneath that.    Guess I'll get back to reading then and pretending I'm in my lovely reading room with my best pals and a great book!

Happy Reading Peeps!


Michelle Doorey said...

I love that picture you put into this post. I'd so love a set-up like that in my house for my puppy dog (and possibly a cat tower built in somewhere as well for our pussycats!)

leona said...

Congrats on 160 followers!

http://severalbooksatonce.blogspot.com :D


Anonymous said...

Congrats! 160 followers!? That's amazing c: We're almost there as well. 158, lol. :)

'Think you already follow us, but ..

Unknown said...

Hang in there girl! you are definitely not talking to yourself - we are listening! Love your review on the wedding dress. i think I might give it a try because I'm in the mood for something new.

Unknown said...

I always read your blog, and enjoy it!! Don't stop. :) J

Unknown said...

Thank you...I feel better now!